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SZOLNOK DOES IT AGAIN! - 3rd championship in a row

Szolnok has become Champion of the Hungarian domestic league for the 3rd time in a row, after defeating ZF Eger in their home pool, in a decisive way showcasing well-executed team defense paired with ruthless finishing at the offensive end.

 It took Szolnok three games out of the possible seven to capture their third-in-a-row title of the Hungarian Championship Finals, two of those played away from home, in Eger.

(Eger - Hungary) - Game 1  
The first game was already living up to the hype, with Norbert Hosnyanszky not feeling well (he was thought to be counching up blood by certain sources) during the warm-up of the first game. Although, for the relief of ZF Eger, after the first period he was cleared to join the game by the medical staff. However, even Norbert's return and a wrongful substitution by Szolnok in the third quarter, resulting in the ejection of Tamas Mezei and a 5-meter penalty, weren't enough to stop the reigning champions to take the 1-0 lead after an exciting first game of the Finals, winning 13-7.

(Szolnok - Hungary) - Game 2
The second game played in Szolnok, had much less to tension leading up to it. Every player was healthy and ready to jump for the 2nd round of the Championship Final. However, the game it self could not have been different from the lead up to it. ZF Eger jump started to a 3-1 lead in the first quarter, Denes Varga opened the scoring, but Milos Csuk, Gergo Kovacs and Balint Lorinc gained the lead for the visitors. Like every good final match-up, this one also contains some turn of event as Szolnok answered their opponents quick start with a second quarter score of 3 - 0. Starting the 3rd quarter Szolnok never looked back and went on to secure a final result of 9 - 6 at home to increase their lead in the series putting tremendous pressure on ZF Eger, who could have had one a chance to salvage a comback at their home pool in Game 3.

(Eger - Hungary) - Game 3 

The third game just like the first one, started with a head-ache for ZF Eger coach Norbert Dabrowski as Balint Lorinc could not play (injured arm in Game 2 in Szolnok) and Balazs Erdelyi had colected two personal fouls in the first 5 minutes of the final game. Denes Varga opened the scoring for the visitors and they did not stop until the very end, confidently securing their 3rd title in three years, with the final score of 8 - 3 against a ZF Eger that fell short of the possibility of a miracle comeback.

 - Szolnok bench celebrating their championship deciding victory, captured in the home pool of the opponent ZF Eger, after a decisive victory in game 3 of the Hungarian OB I Championship Final - 
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