Spanish Division De Honor - Play-Offs Semi Final R2

The first round of the Semi Finals were played on the 9th of May, seeing Barceloneta and Terrassa taking the lead in the match-up. Barceloneta defeated their city rival Barcelona, while Terrassa have overcame Sabadell.

Round 2 of the Semis:

05/11/2017 20:45 C.N. Barcelona - C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta
05/12/2017 20:45 C.N. Terrassa - Astralpool C.N. Sabadell

After an exciting regular season in the Spanish top flight, Division De Honor, the first 8 teams captured qualification in the traditional style Play-offs. The quarter final rounds began on the 29th of April and the match-ups were decided in a battle of best-out-of-three. Barceloneta, Sabadell, and Terrassa have clinched a Semi-Final berth in two games, while Barcelona and Mataro decided the remaining place in a third game, where Barcelona emerged victorious, defeating Mataro 9 - 8.

  Division De Honor  Play Off  Semi Final Round 2
C.N. Barcelona  05/11 20:45 C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta
 C.N. Terrassa  05/12 20:45    Astralpool C.N. Sabadell

Semi Final R1 Results:

 Division De Honor   Play Off    Semi Final Round 1
C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta 9 - 4  C.N. Barcelona
Astralpool C.N. Sabadell 5 - 6 C.N. Terrassa

Quarter Final Results

 Division De Honor    Play Off    Quarter Final Round 3 
Quadis C.N. Mataro 8 - 9 *C.N. Barcelona

Division De Honor     Play Off       Quarter Final Round 2
C.N. Barcelona 6 - 7  Quadis C.N. Mataro
C.E. Mediterrani 7 - 13 *C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta
Real Canoe N.C. 6 - 14 *Astralpool C.N. Sabadell
C.N. Sant Andreu 6 - 7 *C.N. Terrassa

Division De Honor       Play Off           Quarter Final Round 1
C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta 12 - 4 C.E. Mediterrani
Quadis C.N. Mataro 4 - 5 C.N. Barcelona
Astralpool C.N. Sabadell 15 - 10 Real Canoe N.C.
C.N. Terrassa 11 - 5 C.N. Sant Andreu

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