Sign up to Waterpolo Inside in four easy steps

The idea from which comes Waterpolo Inside project (Italy) is to create a large water polo database / social network that has as protagonists the main actors of our sport: PLAYERS, COACHES, CLUB (President and executives). Along with these personalities, in addition, in OTHER CATEGORIES section are inserted all the other 'stakeholders' of our world, essential in order  that our sport can grow and improve: fans, referees, journalists, supporters and parents. 

Each of these entities can sign for FREE to the portal (it is always advisable to make the first recording by a FIXED PC and not from your smartphone, at least for the first few times in order to better understand the operations of the system).

The recording operation can be, thus, synthesized, in a few steps:
1- CHOOSING THE CATEGORY: the user who wants to sign up to Waterpolo Inside will choose the category he wants to register to. Categories are four (ATHLETES, TECHNICAL, CLUB, OTHER CATEGORIES). IN  "OTHER CATEGORIES" section  ARE CONVEYED  journalists, parents, fans, supporters and referees. In the "COACH" category all water polo coaches and even athletic trainers will register. In 'CLUB' category 'the manager or the president of the Club may enroll his company.
2- USER REGISTRATION: Username, password and email 
3- AUTHENTICATION: the user who registers will receive in his e-mail address - the one he entered during the registration process - an email in which, through a confirmation link he is able to authenticate his profile
4- COMPLETING THE PROFILE: After authentication, the user can fill his sports profile by entering his personal information and inserting the multimedia material (photo profile, more photos, videos)

All users eventually will interact through the fret CONTACT present in every profile. The interaction between them will be through an "offline" system ie: the user will receive, in private email provided during registration, any messages that other users can write to him directly through the Waterpolo Inside platform.

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