Men gearing up for Olympic qualification

After the women have determined the field of participants for the 2016 Olympic Games the men will do so next week in Trieste, Italy where the final 12 teams have gathered to battle for the just 4 remaining spots available for Rio 2016. Clear favourites like hosts Italy, Hungary and Spain are present to secure their spot in Rio this summer while outsiders like Kazakhstan, Canada and Russia are hoping for an upset. And with the well-known competition system which was also used in Gouda, Netherlands for the women recently, and 4 years ago, upsets are to be expected. In Edmonton, Canada it were Romania and Macedonia who stunned Germany by eliminating the Hagen Stamm coached side in the group stage, with Romania eventually qualifying for London 2012 beating Brazil in the decisive quarterfinals 19-8 joining Montenegro, Greece and Spain to the Olympics.

This time the route will be the same. Using the group stage to obtain the best place possible for the quarterfinal match-ups that will determine who are to book their tickets to Rio and who are not. The action in Trieste gets underway on Sunday with next Friday featuring the decisive quarterfinals. Full schedule and ticket information is featured in the below article.

2016 Olympic Games Men's Qualification Tournament
Trieste (ITA)


Day 1 - Sunday, April 3:

13.50: Russia vs. Canada
15.10: France vs. Hungary
16.30: Slovakia vs. Romania
17.50: Spain vs. Netherlands
19.10: South Africa vs. Germany
20.30: Italy vs. Kazakhstan

Day 2 - Monday, April 4:

13.50: Kazakhstan vs. Netherlands
15.10: Germany vs. Spain
16.30: Canada vs. Hungary
17.50: Romania vs. France
19.10: Russia vs. Slovakia
20.30: Italy vs. South Africa

Day 3 - Tuesday, April 5:

13.50: Hungary vs. Romania
15.10: Slovakia vs. Canada
16.30: France vs. Russia
17.50: Netherlands vs. Germany
19.10: South Africa vs. Kazakhstan
20.30: Spain vs. Italy

Day 4 - Wednesday, April 6:

13.50: Kazakhstan vs. Germany
15.10: South Africa vs. Spain
16.30: Canada vs. Romania
17.50: Russia vs. Hungary
19.10: Slovakia vs. France
20.30: Italy vs. Netherlands

Day 5 - Thursday, April 7:

13.50: France vs. Canada
15.10: Hungary vs. Slovakia
16.30: Russia vs. Romania
17.50: Spain vs. Kazakhstan
19.10: Netherlands vs. South Africa
20.30: Italy vs. Germany

Day 6 - Friday, April 8 (quarterfinals):

16.00: 1A vs. 4B - game 31
17.30: 2A vs. 3B - game 32
19.00: 3A vs. 2B - game 33
20.30: 4A vs. 1B - game 34

Day 7 - Saturday, April 9 (semifinals):

16.00: L31 vs. L33 - game 35
17.30: L32 vs. L34 - game 36
19.00: W31 vs. W33 - game 37
20.30: W32 vs. W34 - game 38

Day 8 - Sunday, April 10 (finals):

11.00: L35 vs. L36 - 7th/8th place
12.30: W35 vs. W36 - 5th/6th place
15.30: L37 vs. L38 - 3rd/4th place
17.00: W37 vs. W38 - 1st/2nd place

19.00: Draw for the 2016 Olympic Games

Top 4 teams qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games.

*that it is noted that the time of the game of ITA may change subject to request by the Broadcaster.

Ticket information is available here.

N.b.: time mentioned is local time.

Eight teams have already secured a place for the Olympic Games:

Australia, Brazil (as host), Croatia, Greece, Japan, Montenegro, Serbia, USA

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