Olympiacos take command, Perrone leads Jug to draw with Recco

Olympiacos have taken command in group A of the Champions League preliminary phase and look well underway to the Final Six tournament in Budapest after a clear 9-5 win over fellow contenders Barceloneta on day 7, played Saturday. Led by centre forward Konstantinos Mourikis (pictured, 3 goals) the Greek came out strong in the opening quarter rushing to an early 3-0 lead. That proved decisive in the remainder which was more levelled but Barceloneta never managed to overcome their 3-goal deficit.
Elsewhere defending champions Pro Recco were held from a win for the 2nd straight time this time coming away with a point though. Led by former Recco player Felipe Perrone, who scored the team's first 3 goals, Jug held Recco to a 5-5 draw at home in Dubrovnik. After Andrija Prlainovic hed put the visitors up 4-5 in the final seconds of the third quarter, it was Paulo Obradovic who netted the only shot of the final period clinching the tie as both teams now lead group B but the Italians hold the advantage after their big win over Jug at home earlier.
Partizan gave OSC a hard time in Budapest but fell short 10-8 as the Hungarians reached their 3rd win and took over for 4th place in group B. Szolnok meanwhile made good use of the draw in Dubrovnik as they rolled past Galatasaray at home 16-7 with Denes Varga going for 5 goals.
In group A Eger grabbed 2nd place in group A following a close 8-7 win over Jadran Herceg Novi. Balazs Erdelyi scored the game winner with over 3 minutes remaining in the game. The young Montenegrin side came out well in Eger but fell just short for points. Primorje stayed in the race for a Final Six spot out of group A following an easy win over Spandau at home. Another balanced attack, once more led by Petar Muslim, proved too much to handle for the Germans who had held Primorje to a 9-9 draw in Berlin earlier. Now Muslim fired away for 3 goals as Primorje quickly jumped out to a 5-1 score and never looked back.
The Champions League continues with day 8, to be played on April 16.

Champions League 2015-2016
Preliminary phase

Day 7

Saturday, March 12:

ZF-Eger (HUN) vs. Jadran Carine Herceg Novi (MNE) 8-7 (2-2, 1-1, 4-3, 1-1)
Eger scorers: Peter Biros 2, Marton Szivos 2, Balazs Harai 2, Gergö Zalanki, Balazs Erdelyi.

Jadran scorers: Stefan Vidovic 2, Vlado Popadic, Bojan Banicevic, stefan Porobic, Miroslav Randjic, Stefan Pjesivac.

Szolnoki VSK (HUN) vs. Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) 16-7 (4-1, 3-1, 6-3, 3-2)
Szolnoki scorers: Denes Varga 5, Milan Aleksic 3, Daniel Varga 2, Zivko Gocic, Norbert Madaras, Tamas Mezei, Aaron Younger, Gabor Kis, Bence Fülöp.

Galatasaray scorers: Berk Biyik 2, Slobodan Nikic 2, Engin Colak 2, Vjekoslav Paskovic.

Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO) vs. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin (GER) 14-4 (5-1, 2-2, 2-0, 5-1)
Primorje scorers: Petar Muslim 3, Nikola Dedovic 2, Miho Boskovic 2, Damir Buric, Cosmin Radu, Ivan Krapic, Ivan Buljubasic, Andelo Setka.

Spandau scorers: Marko Stamm 2, Mateo Cuk, Marin Restovic.

Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) vs. CN Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP) 9-5 (3-0, 3-2, 2-1, 1-2)
Olympiacos scorers: Konstantinos Mourikis 3, Emmanouil Mylonakis, Alexandros Gounas, Ioannis Fountoulis, Georgios Ntoskas, Blai Mallarach, Angelos Vlachopoulos.

Barceloneta scorers: Alberto Munarriz 2, Strahinja Rasovic, Marc Minguell, Albert Español.

Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) vs. Pro Recco (ITA) 5-5 (1-2, 3-3, 0-0, 1-0)
Jug scorers: Felipe Perrone 3, Xavi Garcia, Paulo Obradovic.

Recco scorers: Sandro Sukno 2, Francesco di Fulvio, Andrija Prlainovic, Filip Filipovic.

OSC (HUN) vs. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) 10-8 (2-3, 2-1, 5-2, 1-2)
OSC scorers: Ferenc Salamon 4, Bence Batori 3, Adam Decker, Gabor Kovacs, Miklos Gor-Nagy.

Partizan scorers: Gavril Subotic 4, Luuk Gielen, Radomir Drasovic, Drasko Gogov, Nikola Jaksic.

Current standings

Group A:

1. Olympiacos Piraeus 7 - 15 pts
2. ZF-Eger 7 - 14
3. CN Atletic-Barceloneta 7 - 11
4. Primorje EB Rijeka 7 - 11
5. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin 7 - 3
6. Jadran Carine Herceg Novi 7 - 2

Group B:

1. Pro Recco 7 - 16 pts
2. Jug CO Dubrovnik 7 - 16
3. Szolnoki VSK 7 - 12
4. OSC 7 - 9
5. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade 7 - 6
6. Galatasaray Istanbul 7 - 0

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