Barceloneta hold off Sant Andreu for 12th Copa del Rey

Veterans Marc Minguell and Albert Español decided the final and secured Barceloneta's 12th Spanish cup and 4th straight cup tournament victory on Sunday. Sant Andreu drove the defending champs to the limit but the experienced duo of Barceloneta had the final answer. Español hit on a Minguell assist with 1.27 on the game clock as Barceloneta held off Sant Andreu 6-7 in a packed Can Llong pool. After a back-and-forth first half both teams proved well balanced in the last two periods before Barceloneta struck in the game's final phase. Sant Andreu confirmed their nice performance during the weekend in Barcelona by proving a legitimate contender in the final but in the end fell just short on what could have been an upset win.

Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey)

Sunday, March 6:

CN Sant Andreu vs. CN Atletic-Barceloneta 6-7 (2-0, 0-2, 2-2, 2-3)
Sant Andreu: Santis, Frauenfelder (1), Cerutti, Barnils, Hernández (2), Winkelhorst (1), Pelayo, Brugé, Aguilella, Bofill (2), Bruder, Hermosin. Head coach: Xavier Julià.

Barceloneta: López-Pinedo, Sziranyi (1), S. Rasovic, Munárriz (1), Larumbe (1), Minguell, Roca, Español (1), Tahull, Fernández, V. Rasovic (2), Famera (1), Linares. Head coach: Chus Martín.

Final Four Tournament Individual Awards
Best Goalkeeper: Ramón Santís.
Best Player: Viktor Rasovic.

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