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Continueing a busy season

My last blog was just after the European championships, from where I believe we all still have good memories. It˛is around one month that I came back to my club, Eger. Usually on the summer, after big championships you have a rest, some free time to clear your head from the national team and get ready for club obligations. This time we didn’t had this. Those who play for the national team just after the European championships started to train with the club. I know that some players from my national team, the day after final match already went to their club. I was lucky to be free until Wednesday :)

On Saturday we had a match against Szeged. The team to whom we lost last years in Szeged and the team who is in the LEN Euro Cup semifinals. We expected a hard game. And so it was, but at the end our physical preparation made the difference and we won. It was very hard to play that match, seven days after the European championships. Than came Spandau Berlin. The team which is the biggest surprise of the Euro League season, positive off course. Thanks to our fans with didn’t let Spandau to suprise us in our swimming pool. On Saturday we hosted Kaposvar. It is not a team with who we usullay have problems but playing Wednesday-Saturday is always hard.
Then the next Wednesday again Spandau, but now in Berlin. Until that match no one had got three points from Spandau in Berlin. As we beat them seven days before we where expecting an extremly hard match. But again our shape and team spirit made the difference and we won, also. After the game we where positivly surprised when our president said to us that we stayed in Berlin one more day. It was a reward for the team results and that ment to us to take some rest and spent some more time together. Thank You president! It is allways nice to have one day rest in big city like Berlin. The city that has so much historical moments. The city opened for all people. It was just one day free, the next one we came back to Eger and had training in the afternoon.

On Saturday we went to Budapest to play against BVSC. That was just one day after our return from Berlin and the big victory against Spandau. In Hungary every team plays at least 20% better at home than away. I was little afraid of this match. Three quarters were tide and than at the and of the third quarter we made a 3-0 run and ended the match as a winners. On Wednesday we were expecting Szentes but with our mind we already were on Sunday, when we would host Szolnok. We didn’t have problems with Szentes. Than came the match against Szolnok. At that time Milos Cuk was already injured for 2 weeks and he is still on rehab, Uros Cuckovic after the Spandau matches had big shoulder problems. So we prepared for the Szolnok match without two very important players. When you miss two guys like them, you miss four guys in play. You miss two players who are injured and other two who are trying to play on their position and have to give more effort than usullay. Without four guys we were aspecting the Szolnok who beat the Pro Recco ten days before. In that game I finally felt tired from a lot of games came on surface. It was not nice water polo. Both teams didn’t showed what they are capable of. At the time the Szolnok had a litlle more fresh players. They won by 2 goals. With that match we finished the first part of Hungarian First League. With two defeats from the Szolnok we are into the next phase.

Photo: Gertjan Kooij / Beeldboot.

The Hungarian First League has 16 teams, devided with 8 teams in two groups. After the first part the best 4 teams from each group made best 8 and the rest made the group fpr 9th–16th place. On Sunday we played against Szolnok and next Wednesday we were already expecting the Honved in our swimming pool. Honved in the last few years doesn’t have the big name but always play very good. In that match we played without Milos Cuk, Boris Vapenski and Uros Cuckovic. But we won. Than on Saturday we went again to Budapest as OSC were expecting us. OSC, one more team from Hungary that plays Euro League. A team with lot of national team players. When you play on Wednesday and on Saturday you don’t have enough time to prepare for each opponent. You can just play your own game and see if it is enough for the win. Against OSC we needed to show little more. But we did it and got the victory.

So in the last 30 days we had 8 games and in another 15 days we had 5 games more. It is very hard, don’t you think? I understand that this is professional sport and that we must play and do what the regulations say. But if the players are tired they can get injured, and when they are injured they can not play or at least not perform on the level they are capable of.

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