Szolnok end Recco unbeaten status in close win

They are the first this season. And actually since last season as well. Szolnok ended Pro Recco's unbeaten run in the Champions League on Wednesday in round 6 at home. Szolnok turned around an early deficit into a slim lead late in the opening period and never caputilated in the remainder despite Recco tying at 10-10 midway through the final quarter. Andrija Prlainovic scored his only goal of the game as Recco, playing without captain goalie Stefano Tempesti, came back from trailing 10-8 levelling the score but Szolnok, where captain Daniel Varga was sidelined, were not to be stopped. Brother Denes Varga struck on man up over 2 minutes later and when Stefan Mitrovic hit again for Szolnok it proved the decider in their almost upset win despite being previously named one of the major title contenders, despite the fact that Recco in the final seconds had their chance on extra man which was saved by Viktor Nagy. For the standings in group B the win doesn't mean too much although Szolnok make up ground to the top 2 sides Recco and Jug. For the confidence of the Hungarian champs however this victory is simply huge. After previous dissapointing attempts for success in Europe Szolnok proves to have a team lined up this season that can battle for the title. Recco on the other hand still lead the group and still look underway to taking the top spot in the group. The Italians can take a major step in the next round when facing Jug in Dubrovnik on March 12.

A big 2nd quarter proved vital in an important for Barceloneta that highlighted day 6 of the Champions League prelims on Wednesday. After drawing level with the Croatian champs 9-9 last week in Rijeka, Barceloneta followed up nicely by holding off a big night from Miho Boskovic who scored 4 goals on Wednesday. But even the former Croatian international could not get his team back from the quiet 2nd quarter outing despite cutting the lead by 2 goals in the 3rd session. Barceloneta stayed up in the final term as Marc Roca, Marc Minguell and Martin Famera contributed goals that each time made Barceloneta being step ahead in avoiding a possible Primorje comeback. It proved decisive as the Chus Martin coached side held on for the 9-7 win and take a nice 2nd place in group A behind leaders Olympiacos.
The Greek squad convincingly defeated Jadran Herceg Novi for the 2nd time in a week, this time with a 6-13 final score in Igalo. The trio of Ioannis Fountoulis, Alexandros Gounas and left-hander Blai Mallarach led the Greek chams in the solid performance that means their leading spot in group A is being strengthened.
Eger can also be called winners of this round. Not only literally, after downing Spandau 8-15, but even more in their way of doing that as the Germans were controlled in their home pool where centre forward Balazs Harai, like last week, was a force on offence scoring 3 goals. He led the Hungarian cup winners who were not endangered by the home team at any point in a convincing performance that has them joining top the 2 squads in group A in the rankings now.

OSC made the most of their 2-game series with Galatasaray the past 2 rounds as on Wednesday a 2nd straight win was reached. This time the Turkish champs managed to score 9 goals in a more solid outing but could still not follow OSC who, led by Bence Batori's 4 goals, grabbed the lead early and played their way to a 9-12 victory.
Therewith the Hungarian side tied Partizan in the group B standings after the Serbs fell to Jug again on Wednesday. In Belgrade Jug outplayed the home team in the first half, led 2-6 at half-time before in controlled fashion went on to post a solid 6-10 win. Top scorers for the visitors were Josip Vrlic, Xavi Garcia, Felipe Perrone and Paulo Obradovic who each scored 2 goals. Next for Jug is the important match-up with Pro Recco for 1st place in the group.

The next round will be played in almost a month time, on Saturday March 12.

Champions League 2015-2016
Preliminary phase

Day 6

Wednesday, February 10:

Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) vs. Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) 6-10 (1-3, 1-3, 1-1, 3-3)
Partizan scorers: Gavril Subotic 2, Luuk Gielen, Dimitrios Tigkas, Djordje Tanaskovic, Ognjen Stojanovic.

Jug scorers: Josip Vrlic 2, Xavi Garcia 2, Felipe Perrone 2, Paulo Obradovic 2, Luka Loncar, Pavo Markovic.

Jadran Carine Herceg Novi (MNE) vs. Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) 6-13 (1-4, 0-2, 2-3, 3-4)
Jadran scorers: Aleksa Ukropina, Stefan Vidovic, Nikola Moskov, Stefan Porobic, Djuro Radovic, Miroslav Randjic.

Olympiacos scorers: Ioannis Fountoulis 3, Alexandros Gounas 3, Blai Mallarach 3, Evangelos Delakas, Konstantinos Mourikis, Christodoulos Kolomvos, Angelos Vlachopoulos.

CN Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP) vs. Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO) 9-7 (1-1, 4-0, 1-3, 3-3)
Barceloneta scorers: Martin Famera 3, Marc Roca 2, Strahinja Rasovic, Marc Minguell, Albert Español, Francisco Fernandez.

Primorje scorers: Miho Boskovic 4, Cosmin Radu, Petar Muslim.

Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin (GER) vs. ZF-Eger (HUN) 8-15 (1-4, 2-4, 2-3, 3-4)
Spandau scorers: Lukas Küppers 3, Mehdi Marzouki 2, Marko Stamm 2, Spencer Hamby.

Eger scorers: Balazs Harai 3, Norbert Hosnyanszky 2, Gergö Zalanki 2, Marton Szivos 2, Balazs Erdelyi 2, Krisztian Bedö 2, Daniel Angyal, Peter Biros.

Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) vs. OSC (HUN) 9-12 (2-5, 3-3, 1-2, 3-2)
Galatasaray scorers: Atakan Destici 3, Osman Gulenc 2, Slobodan Nikic 2, Safak Simsek, Mladjan Janovic.

OSC scorers: Bence Batori 4, Zsolt Juhasz 2, Gabor Hegedüs 2, Ferenc Salamon 2, Toni Nemet, Drasko Brguljan.

Szolnoki VSK (HUN) vs. Pro Recco (ITA) 12-11 (4-3, 3-2, 2-3, 3-3)
Szolnok scorers: Milan Aleksic 3, Denes Varga 3, Marton Vamos 2, Stefan Mitrovic 2, Zivko Gocic, Norbert Madaras.

Pro Recco scorers: Francesco di Fulvio 2, Dusko Pijetlovic 2, Sandro Sukno 2, Dusan Mandic, Pietro Figlioli, Andrija Prlainovic, Filip Filipovic, Niccolo' Gitto.

Current standings

Group A:

1. Olympiacos Piraeus 6 - 12 pts
2. CN Atletic-Barceloneta 6 - 11
3. ZF-Eger 6 - 11
4. Primorje EB Rijeka 6 - 8
5. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin 6 - 3
6. Jadran Carine Herceg Novi 6 - 2

Group B:

1. Pro Recco 6 - 15 pts
2. Jug CO Dubrovnik 6 - 15
3. Szolnoki VSK 6 - 12
4. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade 6 - 6
5. OSC 6 - 6
6. Galatasaray Istanbul 6 - 0

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