Radnicki hold Partizan to draw

Concluding a busy first weekend at the start of the 2nd half of the season in the Regional league Radnicki came away with a nice result drawing level with reigning Serbian champions Partizan 7-7 thanks to a late goal by Nikola Tomasevic who scored the equaliser with just 12 seconds remaining. On the other end the squad got a lift from young goalie Lazar Dobožanov (pictured) who posted 18 saves in the win. Elsewhere the favourites made no mistake. Jadran Herceg Novi made a 6-point weekend coming away with a 2nd win in their road trip to Split, Croatia as Mornar were defeated 8-11 at home. Lefty Aleksa Ukropina was again on target scoring 4 more goals to conclude a successful offensive weekend carrying his side to another victory. Jug remained unbeaten in another easy win rolling past POSK 2-16, led by Pavo Markovic and Marko Ivankovic who eached netted 4 shots.
Red Star Belgrade defeated Vojvodina Novi Sad 9-10 with Srdjan Aksentijevic scoring a late winner but the result did not count as the Belgrade based side again lined up all recently acquired players including the three coming from Georgia who proved enigible to play. Red Star therewith was penalised once more but stated afterwards that their signing and lining up for the players is in accordance with LEN rules and thus official. Developments on their appeal agains the weekend's decision by the Competition Committee can be expected later this week.

Regional league
A1 Division

Round 12

Sunday, 31 January:

OVK POSK (CRO) vs. Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) 2-16 (1-5, 1-5, 0-3, 0-3)
POSK scorers: Ante Corusic, Marin Delic.

Jug scorers: Pavo Markovic 4, Marko Ivankovic 4, Filip Krzic 2, Xavi Garcia 2, Paulo Obradovic 2, Hrvoje Benic, Josip Vrlic.

Mornar BS (CRO) vs. Jadran Carine Herceg Novi (MNE) 8-11 (1-4, 4-3, 2-2, 1-2)

Mornar scorers: Antun Goreta 4, Maroje Gluhaic 2, Slavko Calic, Ante Viskovic.

Jadran scorers: Aleksa Ukropina 4, Stefan Vidovic 2, Stefan Pjesivac 2, Nikola Moskov, Stefan Porobic, Miroslav Randjic.

VK Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB) vs. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) 7-7 (2-4, 3-1, 1-1, 1-1)
Radnicki scorers: Nikola Tomasevic 2, Alexey Shmider, Rade Joksimovic, Marko Martinic, Roman Pilipenko, Dusan Panajotovic.

Partizan scorers: Mateja Asanovic 2, Luuk Gielen, Dimitris Tigkas, Drasko Gogov, Djordje Tanaskovic, Ognjen Stojanovic.

Vojvodina Novi Sad (SRB) vs. Red Star Belgrade (SRB) no official result yet

The standings are now as follows:

1. Jug CO Dubrovnik 11 - 33 pts
2. Primorje EB Rijeka 10 - 27
3. Jadran Carine Herceg Novi 11 - 27
4. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade 11 - 20
5. HAVK Mladost Zagreb 10 - 16
6. Mornar BS 11 - 10
7. OVK POSK 11 - 7
8. VK Radnicki Kragujevac 11 - 6
9. Vojvodina Novi Sad 10 - 3
10. Red Star Belgrade 10 - 0

Top scorers:

1. Felipe Perrone (Jug) - 29 goals
2. Petar Muslim (Primorje) - 26
3. Aleksa Ukropina (Jadran) - 25
3. Gavril Subotic (Partizan) - 25
3. Antun Goreta (Mornar) - 25

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