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Vladimir Gojkovic: ''It will be difficult but we have options''

For Vladimir Gojkovic Thursday's semifinal against Hungary was perhaps the key point in his first tournament as head coach of the Montenegro national team. In a game that had it all Montenegro held off Hungary 8-5 to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games and advance to the gold medal final of the European Championships. For Gojkovic, who retired from a brilliant playing career after the 2012 Olympic Games in London, it was a matter of defence. ''Both sides defended very well. In the end we scored two goals and had the game in our hands. My players gave the maximum for this important match. It was a final but for Olympic qualification'', Gojkovic stated post-game.

For the debuting coach this competition has been a special one: ''Yes, it is my first competition and I could not have wish for anything better. We got to the Olympic Games and will play Serbia in the final in front 10,000 people.'''About that final... ''Yes, haha. It will be difficult but I think we have options. We have some older players and less time to rest but anyway we will prepare and be ready. We must try to avoid letting Serbia to play how they want, especially in the beginning.''

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