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Spain hands Hungary second loss at Volvo Cup

Hungary suffered their 2nd loss at the annual Volvo Cup in Györ on Monday. Following the hosts' narrow loss to Italy on day 1 Spain proved too strong on Monday. Gonzalo Echenique (pictured, 3 goals), Albert Español (2) and Blai Mallarach (2) led the Spaniards on offence in an 8-10 win over the home team. Major difference was the big first hald by the Gabriel Hernandez coached side who took a 3-8 lead halfway. Despite Hungary coming back after the main break, Spain's win was not endangered.

Also recording a 2nd straight win were Italy who started competition on Monday by beating Slovakia 8-12. Centre forward Matteo Aicardi led all scorers with 3 goals in the controlled victory for the Italians who will play Spain on Tuesday for the tournament win. All teams are finalising preparations for the upcoming 2016 European Championships in Belgrade, starting Sunday January 10.

Volvo Cup 2016
Győr (HUN)

Programme and results

Sunday, 3 January:

Slovakia vs. Spain 5-10 (0-2, 2-3, 1-4, 2-1)
Slovakia scorers: Juraj Zatovic, Jozef Hrosik, Maro Tkac, Martin Kolarik, Tomas Bruder.

Spain scorers: Alberto Munarriz 3, Gonzalo Echenique 3, Albert Español 2, Marc Minguell, Balazs Sziranyi.

Hungary vs. Italy 4-5 (0-3, 2-2, 0-0, 2-0)
Hungary scorers: Bence Batori, Norbert Hosnyanszky, Denes Varga, Marton Toth.

Italy scorers: Francesco di Fulvio, Pietro Figlioli, Alex Giorgetti, Matteo Aicardi, Michael Bodegas.

Monday, 4 January:

Slovakia vs. Italy 8-12 (3-5, 1-2, 1-3, 3-2)
Slovakia scorers: Martin Famera 2, Lukas Seman 2, Juraj Zatovic, Jozef Hrosik, Lukas Duric, Tomas Bielik.

Italy scorers: Matteo Aicardi 3, Valentino Gallo 2, Jacopo Alesiani 2, Niccolo' Gitto, Alex Giorgetti, Christian Presciutti, Fabio Baraldi, Alessandro Velotto.

Hungary vs. Spain 8-10 (2-4, 1-4, 4-2, 1-0)
Hungary scorers: Marton Vamos 3, Bence Batori 2, Daniel Varga 2, Balazs Erdelyi.

Spain scorers: Gonzalo Echenique 3, Albert Español 2, Blai Mallarach 2, Alberto Munarriz, Guillermo Molina, Marc Minguell.

Tuesday, 5 January:

18.00: Spain vs. Italy
20.00: Hungary vs. Slovakia

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