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Italy holds off Hungary on Volvo Cup day 1

Spain and Italy emerged victorious on day 1 of the annual Volvo Cup, this year hosted in Györ. The Spaniards kicked off the action by beating Slovakia 5-10, thanks to a combined 6 goals from Alberto Munarriz and Gonzalo Echenique. Italy meanwhile held off Hungary in a low-scoring affair. The Italians looked well in control in the first half after a strong start and 0-3 lead. After the main break however as the home team changed their defence, the Italians struggled to score, but saw Hungary doing the same on the other end where the usual strong Italian defence worked its way. Thanks to two goals however, including the last one scored by Denes Varga on a quick-taken penalty shot, the Hungarians came close. But as Italy goalkeeper Stefano Temptesi showed his skills in the fourth quarter, he prevented the home side from equalising.

Volvo Cup 2016
Győr (HUN)

Programme and results

Sunday, 3 January:

Slovakia vs. Spain 5-10 (0-2, 2-3, 1-4, 2-1)

Slovakia scorers: Juraj Zatovic, Jozef Hrosik, Maro Tkac, Martin Kolarik, Tomas Bruder.

Spain scorers: Alberto Munarriz 3, Gonzalo Echenique 3, Albert Español 2, Marc Minguell, Balazs Sziranyi.

Hungary vs. Italy 4-5 (0-3, 2-2, 0-0, 2-0)
Hungary scorers: Bence Batori, Norbert Hosnyanszky, Denes Varga, Marton Toth.

Italy scorers: Francesco di Fulvio, Pietro Figlioli, Alex Giorgetti, Matteo Aicardi, Michael Bodegas.

Monday, 4 January:

17.00: Slovakia vs. Italy
19.00: Hungary vs. Spain

Tuesday, 5 January:

18.00: Spain vs. Italy
20.00: Hungary vs. Slovakia

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