Mornar head coach Vrdoljak gets six-month suspension

Mornar head coach Zdelslav Vrdoljak is banned from all games under the jursduction of LEN for 6 months following a red card the coach received in Wednesday's Euro Cup quarterfinals 2nd leg in Oradea, Romania won by Mornar after a wild finish. On Thursday LEN informed the Croatian side that Vrdoljak got suspended 'after having received the red card for misbehaviour persisted in an aggressive conduct insulting and using violence toward one of the referees.' In addition fellow officials Mihaljevic and Kliskinjiac were suspended for 2 games each for misbehaviour. Consequently Mornar can have during the upcoming semi-final games (to be played on 3rd February 2016 and 10th February 2016) no officials on the bench and in all those games to be played untill the 16th of June 2016 just 2 officials.

Source: LEN.

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