Real Canoe edges Mataro Quadis

The battle for 3rd place in the Spanish league was at stake in the 8th round on Saturday as Mataro Quadis hosted fellow contender Real Canoe. An excellent opportunity for Mataro to grab hold of that spot solely but instead the home team suffered a late and dissapointing 11-12 loss only to see Real Canoe, now having tied in points, taking that 3rd spot. The visitors therewith overcame a 6-goal performance from the current 2nd best goal-scorer in the league, Dutch international Robin Lindhout. Actually the home team looked well underway to the valuable win for three quarters, leading 9-8 at the end of the third session, before Real Canoe turned around the score and decided the outcome in the final eight minutes. Usual top shooters Alberto Barroso and Victor Gutierrez combined for 6 goals for the winners.
Elsewhere Mediterrani posted a welcome win using the first half to down Barcelona 12-7. Argentinian sharpshooter German Yañez once more led Mediterrani this time netting 3 shots. The home team led 7-2 at half-time and made good use of that advantage to play out the match after the big break. Sabadell still leads the league after overcoming a high-scoring contest in Pamplona where Navarra managed to score 11 times but also concede 18 hits as Sabadell remained unbeaten. The trio of Miguel Hernando, league top scorer Gonzalo Lopez-Escribano and Eric Marsal each scored 3 goals for the visitors.
Defending champs Barceloneta enjoyed a rare balanced offensive match. In the 16-5 win over Rubi all field players managed to score. The victory for Barceloneta was never in doubt in this one, as no less than 5 players scored 2 goals. Meanwhile Terrassa also added 3 points to their total knocking off Catalunya in a solid performance 14-7.

Spanish league
8th round

Saturday, 7 November:

CN Terrassa vs. CN Catalunya 14-7 (4-2, 4-2, 2-2, 4-1)
Terrassa scorers: Ricard Alarcon 3, Donat Galeev 3, Oscar Aguilar 2, Xavier Serra, Alvaro Granados, Jordi Chico, Francesc Sanchez, Jordi Perez, David Gonzalez.

Catalunya scorers: Raimon Santiveri 2, Joshua Stiling, Adria Carabi, Sergi Clols, Miquel Gasulla, Oscar Alvarez.

CE Mediterrani vs. CN Barcelona 12-7 (5-1, 2-1, 2-3, 3-2)
Mediterrani scorers: German Yañez 3, Ivan Alejandro 2, Roc Ferrer, Joshua Montpeat, Daniel Gonzalez, Gerard Montero, Javier Gorria, Pol Hodaly, Guillem Garcia.

Barcelona scorers: Lukas Duric 2, Arnau Escarre 2, Andria Bitadze, Gustavo de Mondoca, Victor Flores.

CN Atletic-Barceloneta vs. CN Rubi 16-5 (3-0, 4-2, 5-2, 4-1)
Barceloneta scorers: Balazs Sziranyi 2, Strahinja Rasovic 2, Marc Minguell 2, Francisco Fernandez 2, Nikolas Paul 2, Marcos Higueras, Marc Larumbe, Marc Roca, Rafael Saboya, Roger Tahull, Martin Famera.

Rubi scorers: Sebastiaan van Mil 2, Lars Reuten, Ferran Pascual, Marc Mejias.

CN Mataro Quadis vs. Real Canoe NC - Isostar 11-12 (1-2, 4-3, 4-3, 2-4)
Mataro scorers: Robin Lindhout 6, Alex Codina 2, Victor Fernandez, Albert Merino, Pau Bach.

Real Canoe scorers: Alberto Barroso 3, Victor Gutierrez 3, Marcos Lorrio 2, Alejandro Bustos 2, Alvaro Romero, Jose Javier Bustos.

CN Sant Andreu vs. CN Sant Feliu 10-3 (0-2, 4-1, 3-0, 3-0)

Sant Andreu scorers: Yoran Frauenfelder 2, Erik Brugë 2, Santiago Bofill 2, Daniel Hernandez, Jorn Winkelhorst, Pep Aguilella, Tomas Bruder.

Sant Feliu scorers: Jan Llorens, Arnau Abel Campos, Ricardo Gracia.

CD Waterpolo Navarra vs. CN Sabadell 11-18 (2-3, 2-5, 4-4, 3-6)
Navarra scorers: Asier Esteban 3, Ruda Franco 2, Jaime Arriazu, Josu Fernandez, Eric Carnohan, Fermin Arriazu, Julen Artola, Julian Garcia.

Sabadell scorers: Miguel Hernando 3, Gonzalo Lopez-Escribano 3, Eric Marsal 3, Jesse Koopman 2, Vicente Matoso 2, Victor Cabanas 2, Sergi Cabanas, Abraham Alcaide, Ivan Gallego.

The standings are now as follows:

1. CN Sabadell 8 - 24 pts
2. CN Atletic-Barceloneta 8 - 22
3. Real Canoe NC - Isostar 8 - 15
4. CN Mataro Quadis 8 - 15
5. CN Barcelona 8 - 15
6. CN Terrassa 8 - 13
7. CE Mediterrani 8 - 12
8. CN Sant Andreu 8 - 10
9. CD Waterpolo Navarra 8 - 9
10. CN Catalunya 8 - 4
11. CN Rubi 8 - 1
12. CN Sant Feliu 8 - 0

Top scorers:

1. Gonzalo Lopez-Escribano (Sabadell) - 24 goals
2. Robin Lindhout (Mataro Quadis) - 22
3. Albert Español (Barceloneta) - 18

Pictured: Mediterrani vs. Barcelona.

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