Waterpoloworld asks you to vote for 2015 World Best Players

With the end of the year of 2015 coming closer and closer it's also time to look back. Look back at the achievements that stood out.

Following the decision by FINA to revise its annual World Best Athletes of the Year criteria, for water polo meaning only best teams of the year will be elected, Waterpoloworld will provide you with an alternative (non-FINA related) voting competition. One run by and decided by you, the fans!

Up until the 1st of December you will have a chance to pick 3 of the athletes you considered to be the world's best over 2015 out of a relatively long list of candidates, made up by Waterpoloworld. Missing your best player? You can select 'other' and fill in the name. After collecting the first series of votes after the 1st of December, the top 3 of both the men's and women's competition will be published, again giving you the chance to vote. But this time only the absolute best player of 2015 in your opinion can be selected. As this final round of voting runs throughout the month of December, the Waterpoloworld 2015 World Best Men's and Women's Player will be known and announced early January 2016.

Since the voting is done via a Google Form, the only requirement for your to cast your vote and keep the system clean (each user can vote only once in each of the 2 rounds) is that you have a Google account. Read more for all info and to check out the lists of nominees.

Don't have a Google account yet? It's easy, sign up here: create Google account.

Logged in? Check out the nominees and cast your first-round vote to determine the top 3 Waterpoloworld Best Men's and Women's players of 2015 below.

Remember to select 3 players (men and women) and note that the nominees lists are best viewed on a dekstop computer/laptop.

Men's competition

Women's competition

The results will be announced early December after which the voting for the number 1 Best Men's and Women's Player will be opened throughout December.

Read FINA's announcement regarding the new FINA Best Athletes of the Year criteria here.

Previous FINA World Best Athletes of the Year
Water Polo

- Elizabeth Armstrong (USA)
- Vanja Udovicic (SRB)


- Alexandra Asimaki (GRE)
- Filip Filipovic (SRB)


- Maggie Steffens (USA)
- Josip Pavic (CRO)

- Jennifer Pareja (ESP)
- Denes Varga (HUN)

- Maggie Steffens (USA)
- Filip Filipovic (SRB)

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