LPWP revolutionises French water polo

Promote water polo to the greatest number is one of the main purposes entrust to the LPWP (French Water-Polo League) since its creation in 2013.

Two years later, the LPWP build up an innovative project to galvanise its championship. The LPWP financed, developped and launched a one-stop solution to help the clubs to communicate their result automatically.

The project’s founding principles:
The project was initiated by the fact that ''water-polo teams need to communicate on their results faster than what it is today and to the greatest number'', says Marc Crousillat, President and founder of the LPWP.

The aim of this project is to be able to give access to this information to all the Water-Polo fans.

The LPWP’s one-stop solution:

To answer this problem, the LPWP developed a mobile application dedicated to input score sheet and provide an iPad to all the PRO A’s clubs.
Thank to this app and its intuitive interface, teams are able to enter in live their score sheet. These inputs create automatically all the statistics, rankings etc…

Launched the 12th of September, this app has been more than well received by all the Water-Polo actors (teams, referees, federation…).

Thus, the LPWP worked on the platform to help to the clubs’ management for the communication and the sport matter.
All the information about the players, the teams and the games are centralized in one place in order to make the handovers flow better.

Beyond this project, ''it was important to be the first national championship to use this kind of technology to show that French Water-Polo is changing and growing'', says Marc Crousillat. The LPWP is already thinking of ways to develop this project with for example an app for the fans, a tool for video analysis, statistics etc.

Source: LPWP press release.


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