Olympiacos wins Euro League after thrilling final

Olympiacos have won the team's first Euro League trophy on Saturday dethroning the three-time champions Sabadell in a thrilling final 10-9. After the 2002 victory in the Euro League for the Olympiacos men, it's just the second European championship in the rich history of the club. Glyfada and Vouliagmeni preceded this Olympiacos European club championship as Greek representatives. On Saturday in front of a sell-out home crowd in Piraeus, Olympiacos rallied in the second half and got their reward in the final minute of the game as Triantafyllia Manolioudaki scored her 3rd goal of the game, this time on man-up, which proved to be the winner after she had already tied the teams at a 9-9 score 3 minutes before. On the final possession good interior defence had Olympiacos stealing the ball going into Sabadell's centre-forward Maica Garcia so they could play out the clock and start celebrating the historic Euro League victory. Top scorer for the Greek winners was Aussie Stinger Ashleigh Southern who netted 4 shots. Judth Forca scored 3 for Sabadell who saw their try for a 3rd consecutive title being stopped in the final. Olympiacos captured a nice 2-year run in Europe with the top-tier trophy after having won last year's LEN Trophy.

The bronze medal was captured once more by Kinef Kirishi who topped Hungarians UVSE in a high-scoring game 12-14. After a levelled first three periods the Russian champion decided things in the final period to close off their weekend in Greece at least with a medal.

Euro League 2014-2015
Final Four

Athens (GRE)

Saturday, 25 April

UVSE (HUN) vs. Kinef Kirishi (RUS) 12-14 (5-5, 2-2, 3-3, 2-4) - 3rd/4th place
UVSE scorers: Rita Keszthelyi 5, Hanna Kisteleki 3, Gabriella Szücs, Ildiko Toth, Dora Csabai, Alexandra Sudduth-Kiss.

Kirishi scorers: Tatiana Zubkova3, Kseniia Krimer 3, Anastasia Simanovich 2, Evgeniia Khokhriakova 2, Evgeniya Ivanova, Daria Ryzhkova 2.

CN Sabadell (ESP) vs. Olympiacos SFP (GRE) 9-10 (2-1, 2-2, 3-5, 2-2)
- 1st/2nd place
Sabadell scorers: Judith Forca 3, Anna Espar 2, Jennifer Pareja 2, Maica Garcia, Olga Domenech.

Olympiacos scorers: Ashleigh Southern 4, Triantafyllia Manolioudaki 3, Akisti Avramidou, Margarita Plevritou, Roberta Bianconi.

Friday, 24 April


Olympiacos SFP (GRE) vs. Kinef Kirishi (RUS) 10-8 (3-3, 3-2, 1-2, 3-1)
Olympiacos scorers: Roberta Bianconi 6, Triantafyllia Manolioudaki, Alexandra Asimaki, Margarita Plevritou, Ashleigh Southern.

Kirishi scorers: Tatiana Zubkova 3, Ekaterina Prokofyeva 2, Anastasia Simanovich, Evgeniia Khokhriakova, Evgeniya Ivanova.

UVSE (HUN) vs. CN Sabadell (ESP) 6-11 (1-2, 2-3, 1-2, 2-4)

UVSE scorers: Rita Keszthelyi 2, Alexandra Sudduth-Kiss 2, Gabriella Szücs, Diana Sikter.

Sabadell scorers: Olga Domenech 3, Judith Forca 3, Matilde Ortiz, Anna Espar, Dagmar Genee, Maica Garcia, Maria Peña.

Most valuable player: Triantafyllia 'Filio' Manolioudaki (Olympiacos).

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