Brazil teams dominate in South American championships

Both Brazil's national teams have won the South American championship last week in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The men, led by captain Felipe Perrone, rolled through the tournament with nothing but blowout victories up until the final where hosts and reigning champions Argentina managed to score 6 goals but were still clearly beaten: 14-6. Brazil's women's team, defending champions, opened the tournament by topping Argentina 12-7, followed by easy victories even through the final which was won 11-1 against Venezuela. 



Brazil vs. Peru 33-1
Brazil vs. Uruguay 30-1
Brazil vs. Colombia 26-4
Brazil vs. Venezuela 13-2 - semifinal
Brazil vs. Argentina 14-6 - final


Brazil vs. Argentina 12-7
Brazil vs. Chile 37-2
Brazil vs. Uruguay 51-1
Brazil vs. Venezuela 14-8
Brazil vs. Chile 31-1 - semifinal
Brazil vs. Venezuela 11-1 - final

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