Slagelse best team in the North again

Slagelse proved too be too much for any other scandinavian team as they on Sunday afternoon defeated former Swedish Champion Järfälla by an outstanding 13-8. Led by Danish national team captain and former proffesional in Montpellier, Emil Morgen Björch (former Hansen), Slagelse could win the tournament safe and sound. Emil playing along side national team companion Aslak Lyster acted as the team core for the entire tournament scoring together the majority of goals for Slagelse with Aslak winning the top scoring titel with 15 goals. Slagelse has shown to be a club to be admired as they produce great players and have a great team spirit. Although the same could be said about Järfälla.


Friday 03-10:

Hellas - Vika 9-7

Swedish champions defeats Norwegian champions in the opening game. Hellas, based in Stockholm today laid waste to the dreams of Oslo based Vika by winning 9-7. The Norwegians were up by 7-5 when Hellas came back scoring 8-7 on a man-up and then finally earned a penalty in the final minute of the game, scored by left-hander Alexandros Vlastos ending the game at 9-7. Young gun Denis Cumurija from Hellas showed great stamina and proved to be one of the pillars in the team creating several exclusions and the final penalty, too. The Norwegians were lead by centre-forward Mats Albins also creating several exclusions and scoring 3 goals for Vika. 

Saturday 04-10:

Slagelse - Linköping 6-2

Slagelse could overcome Linköping through use of good legs and ball interception, with Linköping unfortunately loosing the ball in their first two man-ups of the game forcing the Linköping goalkeeper and former Swedish international Markus Zdolsek to face two fast counterattacks results in two instant goals for Slagelse.

SKK - Järfälla 2-24
The game turned out to be somewhat of a one-sided game as Järfälla outswam SKK also using good pressure and ball interception. SKK having a small bench for substitution and with Len referee Martin Kristensen allowing no talking from the players it was only a matter of time before three of the older and more experienced players from SKK all faced red cards thereby not allowing them to play in the upcoming match against the Norwegians. Järfälla has started putting in a lot of their younger players to earn experience and it proved to be a good decision. Swedish junior national team centre-forward Gustav Lindman Long showed that he was up for the task while older senior team player Mattias Sahlberg shot his way up to 5 goals in the game for Järfälla.

Turun Uimarit - Polisen 12-11
In this game last Swedish seasons runners-up Polisen faced the Finnish champions. Turun Uimarit led by Romanian centre-forward Raul Perian (4 goals) and shooter Maksim Strontsev (2 goals) had to fight hard to overcome the spirit of Polisen who always show great spirit in their games. Polisen played without their main centre-forward Johan Lundén being absent due to illness forced them to use older but still strong Hans Öberg as their main centre-forward for the entire game. Led by captain Oskar Thiel (4 goals) and young shooter Richard Ericson (3 goals) Polisen could not turn the game in their favour.

Vika - SKK 14-5
Vika due to the earlier game of the day between Järfälla and SKK faced a stripped SKK missing 3 older players which made the game fairly easier in the end where Vika pulled away with an easy win of 14-5. The match was won for Vika in the two last periods by a consistant scoring of counter attacks that could win it for the Norwegian champion.

Järfälla - Hellas 13-5
Järfälla still showed no mercy today as they rolled past Swedish champion Hellas with an easy 13-5 victory. Led by the older brother of Mattias Sahlberg, Andreas Sahlberg led the way with 5 goals followed by team companion Márton Kisbalázs having being raised at Budapest-based KSI club scoring 3 more goals in the game for Järfälla.

Slagelse - Polisen 12-4
The game started out with Polisen taking the lead by 4-3 but it soon turned out to be a one-sided game as Slagelse changed the numbers from a 3-4 position to winning the game with 12-4. Polisen still lacking their main centre-forward and now also without their second centre-forward had big problems getting anything out of their attacks and thereby forcing them to taking long distance shots which could be saved by the Slagelse keeper.

Turun Uimarit - Linköping 8-6
A harsh game where Linköping would not quit figting but eventually had to surrender the victory to the finnish champion. Linköping led by Serbian 1st division player Christopher Vang and Australian 1st division player for the Adelaide Jets, Henrik Palm, the team could not overcome the Finnish champions and thus making it all the more important for them in the upcoming game against Polisen if they wanted to finnish as group third.

Järfälla - Vika 6-6
Järfälla, playing their third game of the day were struck by surprise as Vika took the lead by 1-0 through left-handed former Swedish national team player Kim Hansson in a counterattack. Järfälla coming back taking the lead with 5-3 at half time. The game felt as if Järfälla could have it but the Norwegians would not quit. Kim Hansson moving into the centre-forward position getting three quick exlcusions in the 3rd period would help Vika into converting into goals. Järfälla kept on showing good team spirit, playing without their lefty and National team captain Anton Hanserkers were up by 6-4 when young montenegrin player Stefan Senic came out and scored twice tieing the game at 6-6. Järfälla tried all they could to push on but the Norwegian goalkeeper Magnus Förre managed to keep the goal closed for the remaining seconds of the game.

Slagelse - Turun Uimarit 21-4
Slagelse continued their unbeaten quest for the trophy as they easily swam past Turun Uimarit. Key players Aslak Lyster and Nikolaj Bagenkop each scoring 5 goals and also with the team captain Emil Morgen Björch adding 4 the game was done.

Hellas - SKK 5-7
This game was to be the biggest competition of the day as both Stockholm based clubs Hellas and SKK are the prime clubs within Swedish water polo since its dawn with the greatest results and most wins within the championships. SKK returning with their 3 older players now showing no surrendering for Hellas. SKK centre-forward and 15 times Swedish champion Stefan Lundqvist came into position scoring 3 goals for SKK, former national team player and SKK captain Daniel Cederquist adding 2 goals to the game. Hellas would not stop but as the periods ended at 1-1, 1-1, 1-1 and finally 4-2 to SKK, the Swedish Champion had to surrender the victory to last seasons qualifier SKK.

Polisen - Linköping 8-13
This was to be the game deciding the 3rd and 4th position for the 1st group. Linköping led by Christopher Vang scoring 4 goals and with centre-forward Niklas Greberg and shooter Joel Bergléz scoring 2 each. Polisen missing last seasons top-scorer Andreas Hartzell being away due to a broken biceps tendon lacked their biggest fire power. Richard Ericson, captain Oskar Thiel and italian player Pierdomenico Polito kept the team going with 2 goals each. Linköping was in the lead for the whole game with only loosing one period ending the encounter at 13-8 (3-1,4-1,2-4,4-2) in favour of Linköping.

Group rankings:

Group 1:
Slagelse (Den) 1st
Turun Uimarit (Fin) 2nd
Linköping (Swe) 3rd
Polisen (Swe) 4th

Group 2:
Järfälla (Swe) 1st
Vika (Nor) 2nd
SKK (Swe) 3rd
Hellas (Swe) 4th

Sunday 05-10:

Polisen - Hellas 7th place 9-7
The game for the 7th place in the tournament was fought between last year's Swedish 1st Division Finalists. Polisen proved to be more hungry than Hellas and could walk away with a 9-7 win. Hellas has during the tournament shown to be a team getting more and more into shape as the season progresses rather than staying fit throughout the year such as Polisen and Järfälla for example.

Linköping - SKK 5th place 20-7
In this game Linköping dominated a decimated SKK for an easy win of 20-7.

Turun Uimarit - Vika Bronze 16-8
This game was the biggest for any Norwegian club in several years as Norway has slipped further and further away even in measurements of Scandinavian water polo. Turun took the lead by 1-0 before left handed centre-forward Kim Hansson coming into position for Vika scoring 1-1. Turun showed why they were able to win over Polisen and Linköping and took the lead by 4-1. Vika came back with 2 centre-forwards at the same time allowing for lefty Loke Gulwer and Stefan Senic to score on the posts in their man-ups converting the game at half time in favour of the Norwegians with 7-6. Now Turun changed strategy and Vika was not able to adapt and so led by Maksim Stronstev scoring 6 for Turun the 3rd period ran away ending 6-0 for Turun.
Centre-forward Kim Hansson was able to get Vika a total of 8 man-ups where only 2 were converted into goals. Other centre-forward Mats Albins was able to get Vika 2 more converted penalties and 5 man-ups where only 1 penalty was scored and just 1 of the man-ups. And in the 4th period Vika could not come back having to forfeit the game to the Finnish team for a loss of 16-8.

Final: Slagelse - Järfälla Final 13-8

The final results:
1. Slagelse (Denmark)
2. Järfälla (Sweden)
3. Turun Uimarit (Finland)
4. Vika (Norway)
5. Linköping (Sweden)
6. SKK (Sweden)
7. Polisen (Sweden)
8. Hellas (Sweden) 

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