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World champions Spain also claim European title - Budapest 2014 day 13

Germany have taken 9th place at the 2014 European Championships in Budapest edging France in an entertaining scoring festival 14-13 on Friday morning. The winning goal of the back-and-forth contest was strangely enough scored with just under thrree minutes remaining as top scorer Heiko Nossek netted his fourth of the game. In an earlier phase France looked to have turned things around when they came back from trailing 6-4 in the second quarter ending the first half leading 8-9. And the French regained that slim advantage early third but then Germany got the better of the scores most of the times until the end. Regardless it could have been anyone's game in that fourth period, even after what proved to be the winner but either sides could not convert on either action nor man-up shot attempts as Germany held on to win and finishes the tournament in 9th place while France was placed 10th.

Spain took the 7th place of the tournament in the following match as they edged Romania 8-7 in a close contest. A match that was marked by the numerous Spanish advantages but also the Romanians who hung on and repeatedly managed to comeback and even draw level. Two goals in the fourth period proved to be the critical ones that paved the way for the Spanish triumph. Youngster Alberto Munarriz first shot home a nice second-threat shot for the 7-5 lead with 5 minutes remaining but fellow debutant Alex Popoviciu brought the Romanians back half a minute later on man-up. Tit turned out to be Spain's top scorer Xavi Garcia who pulled the trigger for the winnig goal netting a surprising rebound shot with 3.43 to go. Despite Primorje team-mate Cosmin Radu's consolation goal thirty seconds later Garcia's hit proved to the winner as Spain held on and won 8-7  to take 7th place. Depending on the European teams' ranking at the upcoming FINA World Cup in Almaty, Kazakhstan in August, the Spanish team could still qualify for the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Russia next year.

Sure of participation in next year's world championships is Croatia who secured a 5th place finish by holding off Greece 11-7 in a deserved victory in today's third match. Despite a good start by the technical Greek side Croatia gradually took control in the second period and continued their run by a dominant display in the third session in which they established a 7-3 lead. Despite the Greek pulling back two goals a turnaround looked never possible as Croatia played out the match in control. Maro Jokovic and Sandro Sukno finished the game as top scorers netting three each.


A true back-and-forth contest. That's what the bronze medal match in the women's tournament was. Home side Hungary and Italy were close but not always in the score as one could expect. The Italian women had the better start and, in the blink of an eye, got up 0-2. The packed Alfred Hajos stadium screamed their local heroes to a comeback that was made but still Italy was in favour at quarter-time: 2-3. In the second term however Hungary took control and in addition to grabbing the lead for the first time, even got the advantage to two goals at 6-4 and the half-time score of 7-5. But like the wave was going on and on Italy marged back with a big response scoring two unanswered goals in the third period with Roberta Bianconi netting a pair of shots to level the sides at 7-7 going into the final period. There the differences were small but Hungary took charge when it counted the most. Goals by Gabriell Szücs, from the right wing on man-up, and a converted penalty shot by Barbara Bujka eventually decided the outcome of the match in Hungary's favour as they reached the same result as two years ago in the Netherlands by claiming the bronze medal.

And then it was time for the first of two climaxes, this time of the women's tournament as Spain faced the Netherlands for the gold medal. The match-up started tense but levelled as goals were exchanged but the scoreboard showed a sold 3-3 after the first eight minutes. Then however the experience Spanish side, already playing with this line-up for several years and reigning world champions, slowly took control. With two unanswered goals the half-time score was 5-3 and Spain's defence looked to be working well. It didn't went that easy for the Miki Oca side, though as standout Sabrina van der Sloot (3 goals) netted one to get the Dutch back to 5-4 but big blow came from the pair of centre-forwards as Andrea Blas and tournament MVP Maica Garcia scored consecutive goals to get Spain leading 7-4. Maud Megens netted her only shot of the game as the young Dutch side trailed 7-5 going into the final period. With the difference still in margins that can be turned around, Spain's control and display in fourth quarter was impressive and decide the outcome in the first minutes. Roser Tarrago struck twice in a row as all of a sudden Spain led 9-5 with 4.45 ot play and looked more or less secured of the historic gold medal. Maica Garcia did the icing on the cake by scoring once more for the 10-5 final score as celebrations began for what proved to be the first European title for either Spain's water polo teams. And as the reigning world champions and now European's best, their dominance is visible and the future brighter than ever.

2014 European Championships
Budapest, Hungary

Schedule and results

Saturday, 26 July (men/women)

Germany (LSF1) vs. France (LSF2) 14-13 (4-3, 4-6, 4-3, 2-1) - (9th/10th place)
Germany scorers: Heiko Nossek 4, Marko Stamm 3, Andreas Schlotterbeck 2, Julian Real, Jan Obschernikat, Maurice Jüngling, Paul Schüler, Moritz Oeler.

France scorers: Alexandre Camarasa 5, Thibaut Simon, Michaël Bodegas 3, Enzo Khasz, Manuel Laversanne.

Germany head coach Nebojsa Novoselac responds:

Spain (WSF1) vs. Romania (WSF2) 8-7 (3-1, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2)
- (7th/8th place)
Spain scorers: Xavi Garcia 3, Albert Español 2, Alberto Munarriz, Marc Roca, Guillermo Molina.

Romania scorers: Cosmin Radu 3, Tiberiu Negrean, Nicolae Diaconu, Alexandru Ghiban, Alex Popoviciu.

Spain's Xavi Garcia responds:

Croatia (LQF3) vs. Greece (LQF4) 11-7 (2-3, 3-0, 3-2, 3-2) - (5th/6th place)
Croatia scorers: Maro Jokovic 3, Sandro Sukno 3, Petar Muslim 2, Luka Bukic, Luka Loncar, Niksa Dobud.

Greece scorers: Ioannis Fountoulis 3, Christodoulos Kolomvos 2, Alexandros Gounas, Angelos Vlachopoulos.

Croatia's Maro Jokovic responds:

Hungary (LSF3) vs. Italy (LSF4) 10-9 (2-3, 5-2, 0-2, 3-2) - (3rd/4th place)
Hungary scorers: Dora Antal 3, Rita Keszthelyi 2, Barbara Bujka 2, Dora Kisteleki, Gabriella Szücs, Anna Illes.

Italy scorers: Roberta Bianconi 3, Arianna Garibotti 2, Tania di Mario 2, Giulia Emmolo, Aleksandra Cotti.

Hungary head coach Andras Meresz responds:

Spain (WSF3) vs. The Netherlands (WSF4) 10-5 (3-3, 2-0, 2-2, 3-0) - (1st/2nd place)
Spain scorers: Maica Garcia 3, Anni Espar 2, Roser Tarrago 2, Andrea Blas 2, Lorena Miranda.

Netherlands scorers: Sabrina van der Sloot 3, Vivian Sevenich, Maud Megens.

Spain head coach Miki Oca responds:

Final rankings (women)
1. Spain, 2. Netherlands, 3. Hungary, 4. Italy, 5. Russia, 6. Greece, 7. France, 8. Great Britain

Most Valuable Player
Maria Garcia (ESP)

Best Goalkeeper
Giulia Gorlero (ITA)

Best Scorer
Rita Keszthelyi (HUN) 19 goals

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Sunday, 27 July (men)

18.30: LSF3 vs. LSF4 (3rd/4th place)
20.30: WSF3 vs. WSF4 (1st/2nd place)

Previous results

Monday, 14 July (men)

Croatia vs. Germany 10-5 (4-3, 2-0, 3-0, 1-2)

Croatia scorers: Maro Jokovic 2, Petar Muslim 2, Andro Buslje 2, Luka Bukic, Luka Loncar, Ivan Buljubasic, Niksa Dobud.

Germany scorers: Paul Schueler 2, Erik Bukowski, Jan Obschernikat, Dennis Eidner.

Romania vs. Georgia 11-6 (3-4, 3-1, 2-0, 3-1)

Romania scorers: Tiberiu Negrean 3, Cosmin Radu 3, Nicolae Diaconu 2, Andrei Cretu, Alexandru Matei, Mihnea Gheorghe.

Georgia scorers: Marko Jelaca 3, Damir Tsrepulia, Marko Elez, George Khvedeliani.

France vs. Serbia 5-16 (1-4, 1-3, 0-3, 3-6)

France scorers: Michaël Bodegas 2, Alexandre Camarasa 2, Romain Blary.

Serbia scorers: Slobodan Nikic 4, Dusan Mandic 2, Andrija Prlainovic 2, Filip Filipovic 2, Dusko Pijetlovic 2, Zivko Gocic, Milos Cuk, Milan Aleksic, Stefan Mitrovic.

Montenegro vs. Greece 11-6 (1-1, 4-1, 3-2, 3-2)
Montenegro scorers: Aleksandar Ivovic 3, Filip Klikovac 2, Vjekoslav Paskovic, Antonio Petrovic, Darko Brguljan, Mladjan Janovic, Nikola Janovic, Sasa Misic.

Greece scorers: Ioannis Fountoulis 2, Angelos Vlachopoulos 2, Kimitrios Tigkas, Christos Afroudakis.

Italy vs. Russia 13-6 (3-1, 4-3, 4-1, 2-1)
Italy scorers: Alex Giorgetti 4, Pietro Figlioli 3, Stefano Luongo 3, Francesco di Fulvio, Matteo Aicardi, Fabio Baraldi.

Russia scorers: Konstantin Stepanyuk 2, Roman Shepelev 2, Albert Zinnatullin, Nikita Yankov.

Spain vs. Hungary 9-12 (2-2, 2-4, 2-3, 3-3)
Spain scorers: Blai Mallarach 3, Alberto Munarriz, Guillermo Molina, Marc Minguell, Albert Español, Francisco Fernandez, Xavi Garcia.

Hungary scorers: Daniel Varga 5, Norbert Madaras 2, Balazs Erdelyi 2, Norbert Hosnyanszky, Denes Varga, Marton Toth.

Tuesday, 15 July (men)

Georgia vs. Greece 6-15 (1-4, 1-6, 3-3, 1-2)

Georgia scorers: Marino Franicevic 2, Damir Terepulia, Marko Elez, George Khvedeliani, Zurab Rurua.

Greece scorers: Ioannis Fountoulis 6, Emmanouil Mylanokis 2, Evangelos Delakas 2, Christodoulos Kolomvos 2, Alexandros Gounas 2, Angelos Vlachopoulos.

Germany vs. Serbia 7-12 (2-3, 1-3, 2-3, 2-3)

Germany scorers: Julian Real 2, Heiko Nossek 2, Jan Obschernikat, Marko Stamm, Dennis Eidner.

Serbia scorers: Filip Filipovic 4, Slobodan Nikic 3, Milos Cuk 2, Nikola Radjen, Andrija Prlainovic, Stefan Mitrovic.

Russia vs. Montenegro 7-15 (1-5, 2-3, 2-4, 2-3)
Russia scorers: Vladislav Timakov 3, Konstantin Stepanyuk 2, Dimitri Kholod, Roman shepelev.

Montenegro scorers: Aleksandar Ivovic 3, Filip Klikovac 3, Drasko Brguljan 2, Vjekoslav Paskovic 2, Mladjan Janovic 2, Uros Cuckovic, Nikola Janovic, Predrag Jokic.

Romania vs. Italy 4-9 (1-1, 1-3, 1-4, 1-1)
Romania scorers: Mihnea Gheorghe 2, Cosmin Radu, Alexandru Matei.

Italy scorers: Alex Giorgetti 2, Stefano Luongo 2, Francesco di Fulvio, Alessandro Velotto, Pietro Figlioli, Andrea Fondelli, Massimo Giacoppo.

Croatia vs. Spain 8-8 (3-2, 2-2, 1-2, 2-2)
Croatia scorers: Maro Jokovic 3, Sandro Sukno 2, Luka Bukic, Petar Muslim.

Spain scorers: Marc Minguell 4, Albert Español 3, Guillermo Molina.

Hungary vs. France 12-7 (2-2, 2-1, 5-1, 3-3)

Hungary scorers: Daniel Varga 3, Norbert Madaras 2, Balazs Erdelyi, Marton Vamos, Norbert Hosnyanszky, Adam Decker, Denes Varga, Marton Toth, Balazs Harai.

France scorers: Michaël Bodegas 3, Enzo Khasz, Matthei Peisson, Mehdi Marzouki, Alexandre Camarasa.

Wednesday, 16 July (women)

Great Britain vs. Greece 7-9 (1-2, 3-2, 2-2, 1-3)
Great Britain scorers: Ciara Gibson-Byrne 3, Chloe Wilcox 2, Hazel Musgrove, Angie Winstanley-Smith.

Greece scorers: Christina Tsoukala 3, Margarita Plevritou 2, Alexandra Asimaki 2, Triantafyllia Manolioudaki.

Italy vs. France 14-4 (3-1, 4-1, 1-0, 6-2)
Italy scorers: Tania di Mario 3, Roberta Bianconi 3, Federica Radicchi 3, Elisa Queirolo, Silvia Motta, Rosaria Aiello, Giulia Emmolo, Valeria Palmieri.

France scorers: Charlaine Clomes 2, Louise Guillet, Marion Tardy.

Russia vs. Spain 10-9 (2-2, 2-3, 3-2, 3-2)
Russia scorers: Evgeniia Ivanova 4, Ekaterina Prokofyeva 2, Elvina Karimova, Kseniia Krimer, Evgeniia Abrdriziakova, Anna Grineva.

Spain scorers: Roser Tarrago 3, Maica Garcia 3, Jennifer Pareja, Andrea Blas, Laura Lopez.

Netherlands vs. Hungary 12-11 (3-3, 3-3, 4-3, 2-2)
Netherlands scorers: Dagmar Genee 3, Sabrina van der Sloot 3, Yasemin Smit 2, Lieke Klaassen 2, Vivian Sevenich, Leonie van der Molen.

Hungary scorers: Rita Keszthelyi 3, Dora Kisteleki 2, Gabriella Szücs 2, Hanna Kisteleki 2, Dora Antal, Ildiko Toth.

Thursday, 17 July (men)

Italy vs. Georgia 15-5 (3-2, 5-1, 5-1, 2-1)
Italy scorers: Niccolo Figari 3, Matteo Aicardi 3, Francesco di Fulvio 2, Alex Giorgetti 2, Andrea Fondelli 2, Pietro Figlioli, Valentino Gallo, Fabio Baraldi.

Georgia scorers: Marko Jelaca 2, Marko Elez, Tato Nikoleishvili, Marino Franicevic.

France vs. Croatia 11-14 (3-5, 2-3, 3-2, 3-4)
France scorers: Thibaut Simon 3, Michaël Bodegas 3, Remi Saudadier 2, Mathieu Peisson, Petar Tomasevic, Alexandre Camarasa.

Croatia scorers: Maro Jokovic 5, Petar Muslim 3, Niksa Dobud 2, Luka Bukic, Luka Loncar, Ivan Buljubasic, Sandro Sukno.

Spain vs. Germany 11-8 (2-1, 3-2, 3-4, 3-1)

Spain scorers: Marc Minguell 3, Albert Español 2, Blai Mallarach 2, Xavi Garcia 2, Alberto Munarriz, Balazs Sziranyi.

Germany scorers: Heiko Nossek 4, Erik Bukowski, Julian Real, Marko Stamm, Moritz Oeler.

Greece vs. Russia 12-6 (3-1, 3-3, 1-1, 5-1)

Greece scorers: Konstantinos Mourikis 3, Emmanouil Mylonakis 2, Christodoulos Kolomvos 2, Alexandros Gounas 2, Ioannis Fountoulis, Evangelos Delakas, Angelos Vlachopoulos.

Russia scorers: Konstantin Stepanyuk 4, Ivan Suchkov, Dmitrii Kholod.

Montenegro vs. Romania 13-8 (2-2, 3-0, 5-2, 3-4)
Montenegro scorers: Mladjan Janovic 3, Nikola Janovic 3, Vjekoslav Paskovic 2, Aleksandar Ivovic 2, Drasko Brguljan, Antonio Petrovic, Darko Brguljan.

Romania scorers: Tiberiu Negrean 4, Cosmin Radu, Andrei Busila, Alexandru Matei, Alexandru Ghiban.

Serbia vs. Hungary 6-8 (0-2, 3-3, 2-2, 1-1)
Serbia scorers: Filip Filipovic 2, Stefan Mitrovic 2, Zivko Gocic, Milos Cuk.

Hungary scorers: Norbert Madaras 2, Marton Vamos 2, Denes Varga 2, Miklos Gor-Nagy, Adam Decker.

Friday, 18 July (women)

France vs. Spain 4-18 (1-4, 0-6, 1-5, 2-3)
France scorers: Audrey Daule 2, Louise Guillet, Clemence Clerc.

Spain scorers: Roser Tarrago 6, Laura Lopez 3, Jennifer Pareja 2, Maica Garcia 2, Marta Bach, Matilde Ortiz, Lorena Miranda, Pilar Peña, Andrea Blas.

Great Britain vs. Netherlands 5-11 (1-2, 2-2, 1-3, 1-4)
Great Britain scorers: Ciara Gibson-Byrne 2, Aine Hoy, Claire Bixon, Hazel Musgrove.

Netherlands scorers: Dagmar Genee 3, Nomi Stomphorst 2, Sabrina van der Sloot 2, Lieke Klaassen 2, Yasemin Smit, Maud Megens.

Russia vs. Italy 10-13 (2-3, 1-3, 4-5, 3-2)

Russia scorers: Ekaterina Prokofyeva 2, Elvina Karimova 2, Nadezhda Iarondaykina 2, Anna Grineva 2, Maria Borisova, Evgeniia Abrdriziakova.

Italy scorers: Roberta Bianconi 4, Tania di Mario 2, Federica Radicchi, Arianna Garibotti, Silvia Motta, Giulia Emmolo, Valeria Palmieri, Aleksandra Cotti, Teresa Frassinetti.

Hungary vs. Greece 12-7 (3-0, 3-3, 3-2, 3-2)
Hungary scorers: Dora Antal 3, Dora Kisteleki 2, Rita Keszthelyi 2, Barbara Bujka 2, Dora Czigany, Orsolya Takacs, Ildiko Toth.

Greece scorers: Christina Tsoukala 2, Margarita Plevritou 2, Alkisti Avramidou, Antigoni Roumpesi, Triantafyllia Manolioudaki.

Saturday, 19 July (men)

Spain vs. France 13-5 (2-0, 3-3, 4-2, 4-0)
Spain scorers: Albert Español 5, Alberto Munarriz 2, Marc Roca, Guillermo Molina, Marc Minguell, Francisco Fernandez, Xavi Garcia.

France scorers: Michaël Bodegas 2, Enzo Khasz, Petar Tomasevic, Alexandre Camarasa.

Georgia vs. Russia 12-16 (3-3, 1-4, 7-4, 1-5)
Georgia scorers: Damir Tsrepulia 4, Marko Elez 4, Marko Jelaca, George Khvedeliani, Mikheil Baghaturia, Marino Franicevic.

Russia scorers: Ivan Nagaev 4, Konstantin Stepanyuk 4, Artem Odintsov 2, Vladislav Timakov 2, Dmitrii Kholod 2, Roman Shepelev 2.

Romania vs. Greece 9-10 (3-2, 2-3, 2-2, 2-3)
Romania scorers: Nicolae Diaconu 4, Cosmin Radu 2, Andrei Cretu, Alexandru Matei, Alex Popoviciu.

Greece scorers: Emmanouil Mylonakis 2, Alexandros Gounas 2, Angelos Vlachopoulos 2, Ioannis Fountoulis, Christos Afroudakis, Evangelos Delakas, Konstantinos Mourikis.

Croatia vs. Serbia 8-8 (2-3, 3-2, 1-2, 2-1)

Croatia scorers: Sandro Sukno 3, Luka Loncar 2, Petar Muslim, Andro Buslje, Niksa Dobud.

Serbia scorers: Filip Filipovic 4, Dusan Mandic, Milos Cuk, Andrija Prlainovic, Stefan Mitrovic.

Italy vs. Montenegro 6-6 (2-0, 0-1, 2-3, 2-2)
Italy scorers: Andrea Fondelli 3, Francesco di Fulvio, Alessandro Velotto, Valentino Gallo.

Montenegro scorers: Nikola Janovic 2, Aleksandar Ivovic 2, Mladjan Janovic, Predrag Jokic.

Germany vs. Hungary 8-16 (3-4, 4-5, 0-3, 1-4)
Germany scorers: Julian Real 2, Heiko Nossek 2, Marko Stamm 2, Moritz Oeler, Andreas Schlotterbeck.

Hungary scorers: Denes varga 5, Marton Vamos 2, Norbert Hosnyanszky 2, Balazs Harai 2, Norbert Madaras, Balazs Erdelyi, Adam Decker, Marton Szivos, Daniel Varga.

Sunday, 20 July (women)

Russia vs. France 18-6 (4-1, 6-3, 3-2, 5-0)
Russia scorers: Ekaterina Prokefyeva 5, Elvina Karimova 5, Nadezhda Iarondaykina 2, Olga Trotskaya, Valeriia Kolmakova, Maria Borisova, Evgeniia Abdriziakova, Evgeniya Ivanova, Daria Ryzhkova.

France scorers: Charlaine Clomes 2, Louise Guillet 2, Estelle Millot, Clemence Clerc.

Netherlands vs. Greece 9-7 (3-1, 3-2, 2-3, 1-1)
Netherlands scorers: Lieke Klaassen 5, Yasemin Smit, Sabrina van der Sloot, Nomi Stomphorst, Vivian Sevenich.

Greece scorers: Antigoni Roumpesi 3, Trianttafyllia Manolioudaki 2, Christina Tsoukala, Vasiliki Diamantopoulou.

Italy vs. Spain 8-12 (1-4, 2-4, 3-3, 2-1)
Italy scorers: Giulia Emmolo 4, Federica Radicchi, Arianna Garibotti, Tania di Mario.

Spain scorers: Roser Tarrago 5, Maica Garcia 2, Laura Lopez 2, Anna Espar, Jennifer Pareja, Loren Miranda.

Great Britain vs. Hungary 5-16 (2-5, 1-3, 1-5, 1-3)

Great Britain scorers: Ciara Gibson-Byrne 2, Pippa Temple-Craik 2, Francesca Clayton.

Hungary scorers: Rita Keszthelyi 6, Barbara Bujka 4, Ildiko Toth 2, Dora Antal, Gabriella Szücs, Hanna Kisteleki, Dora Csabai.

Monday, 21 July (men)

Montenegro vs. Georgia 17-2 (4-0, 4-0, 4-1, 5-1)
Montenegro scorers: Aleksandar Ivovic 6, Mladjan Janovic 4, Predrag Jokic 2, Drasko Brguljan, Vjekoslav Paskovic, Darko Brguljan, Uros Cuckovic, Filip Klikovac.

Georgia scorers: Marko Elez 2.

Russia vs. Romania 8-11 (2-3, 1-3, 2-3, 3-2)

Russia scorers: Dmitrii Kholod 3, Artem Odintsov, Albert Zinnatullin, Vladislav Timakov, Konstantin Stepanyuk, Roman Shepelev.

Romania scorers: Tiberiu Negrean 5, Cosmin Radu 2, Nicolae Diaconu, Andrei Busila, Mihnea Gheorghe, Mihnea Chioveanu.

France vs. Germany 8-7 (1-0, 0-2, 4-4, 3-1)
France scorers: Mehdi Marzouki 3, Romain Blary 2, Remi Saudadier, Arnaud Jablonski, Enzo Khasz.

Germany scorers: Heiko Nossek 2, Paul Schueler 2, Julian Real, Jan Obschernikat, Dennis Eidner.

Serbia vs. Spain 8-6 (2-2, 1-0, 1-1, 4-3)
Serbia scorers: Milos Cuk 2, Dusan Mandic, Dusko Pijetlovic, Milan Aleksic, Filip Filipovic, Andrija Prlainovic, Stefan Mitrovic.

Spain scorers: Albert Español 4, Guillermo Molina 2.

Greece vs. Italy 9-9 (4-2, 0-4, 3-2, 2-1)
Greece scorers: Angelos Vlachopoulos 3, Christos Afroudakis 2, Emmanouil Mylonakis 2, Christodoulos Kolomvos, Alexandros Gounas.

Italy scorers: Francesco di Fulvio 2, Pietro Figlioli 2, Alex Giorgetti 2, Massimo Giacoppo, Valentino Gallo, Stefano Luongo.

Hungary vs. Croatia 7-6 (0-2, 4-2, 1-1, 2-1)
Hungary scorers: Norbert Madaras, Balazs Erdelyi, Norbert Hosnyanszky, Marton Szivos, Denes Varga, Marton Toth, Balazs Harai.

Croatia scorers: Sandro Sukno 2, Ivan Milakovic, Maro Jokovic, Petar Muslim, Andelo Setka.

Final ranking men's group A:

1. Montenegro 5 - 13 pts
2. Italy 5 - 11
3. Greece 5 - 10
4. Romania 4 - 6
5. Russia 5 - 3
6. Georgia 5 - 0

Final ranking men's group B:

1. Hungary 5 - 15 pts
2. Serbia 5 - 10
3. Croatia 5 - 8
4. Spain 5 - 7
5. France 5 - 3
6. Germany 5 - 0

Tuesday, 22 July (women)

Great Britain (A4) vs. France (B4) 5-8 (1-3, 2-1, 1-3, 1-1) - (7th/8th place)
Great Britain scorers: Ciara Gibson-Byrne 3, Angie Winstanley-Smith 2.

France scorers: Louise Guillet 2, Marion Tardy 2, Estelle Millot, Charlaine Clomes, Clemence Clerc, Audrey Daule.

Hungary (A2) vs. Russia (B3) 11-7 (2-1, 4-1, 3-3, 2-2)
- QF1
Hungary scorers: Dora Antal 3, Gabriella Szücs 2, Rita Keszthelyi 2, Barbara Bujka 2, Dora Kisteleki, Orsolya Takacs.

Russia scorers: Anna Grineva 2, Ekaterina Prokofyeva, Elvina Karimova, Nadezhda Iarondaykina, Maria Borisova, Evgeniya Ivanova.

Italy (B2) vs. Greece (A3) 11-9 (2-2, 3-2, 1-2, 1-1; penalties: 4-2)
- QF2
Italy scorers: Tania di Mario 2, Roberta Bianconi 2, Federica Radicchi, Arianna Garibotti, Giulia Emmolo.

Greece scorers: Alexandra Asimaki 2, Vasiliki Diamantopoulou, Alkisti Avramidou, Antigoni Roumpesi, Ioanna Charalampidi, Eleftheria Plevritou.

Wednesday, 23 July (men)

Russia (A5) vs. Germany (B6) 8-9 (1-1, 4-2, 1-3, 2-3) - QF1
Russia scorers: Konstantin Stepanyuk 3, Ivan Suchkov 2, Vladislav Timakov, Dmitrii Kholod, Nikita Yankov.

Germany scorers: Julian Real 2, Erik Bukowski, Jan Obschernikat, Maurice Jüngling, Heiko Nossek, Marko Stamm, Moritz Oeler, Andreas Schlotterbeck.

Georgia (A6) vs. France (B5) 6-10 (2-2, 1-3, 2-3, 1-2) - QF2
Georgia scorers: Beka Kavtaradze, Damir Tsrepulia, Marko Jelaca, Mikheil Baghaturia, Zurab Rurua.

France scorers: Michaël Bodegas 4, Remi Saudadier 2, Alexandre Camarasa 2, Romain Blary, Thibaut Simon.

Italy (A2) vs. Croatia (B3) 8-7 (1-1, 3-2, 2-2, 2-2) - QF3
Italy scorers: Pietro Figlioli 2, Alex Giorgetti 2, Francesco di Fulvio, Andrea Fondelli, Stefano Luongo, Matteo Aicardi.

Croatia scorers: Sandro Sukno 3, Luka Loncar 2, Petar Muslim 2.

Greece (A3) vs. Serbia (B2) 9-13 (2-3, 3-4, 2-4, 2-2) - QF4
Greece scorers: Angelos Vlachopoulos 4, Ioannis Fountoulis 3, Emmanouil Mylonakis 2.

Serbia scorers: Dusan Mandic 2, Milos Cuk 2, Slobodan Nikic 2, Milan Aleksic 2, Filip Filipovic  2, Sava Randjelovic, Andrija Prlainovic, Stefan Mitrovic.

Thursday, 24 July (women)

Russia (LQF1) vs. Greece (LQF 2) 7-5 (3-3, 3-1, 0-1, 1-0) - (5th/6th place)
Russia scorers: Ekaterina Prokofyeva 3, Elvina Karimova, Kseniia Krimer, Nadezhda Iarondaykina, Maria Borisova.

Greece scorers: Christina Tsoukala, Margarita Plevritou, Alkisti Avramidou, Alexandra Asimaki, Ioanna Charalampidi.

Hungary (WQF1) vs. Spain (B1) 8-9 (2-2, 3-3, 2-3, 1-1) - SF3
Hungary scorers: Rita Keszthelyi 4, Barbara Bujka 2, Dora Czigany, Orsolya Takacs.

Spain scorers: Maica Garcia 4, Jennifer Pareja 2, Anni Espar, Pilar Peña, Laura Lopez.

Italy (WQF2) - Netherlands (A1) 11-12 (1-1, 4-4, 2-1, 1-2; penalties: 3-4) - SF4
Italy scorers: Arianna Garibotti 2, Federica Radicchi, Silvia Motta, Tania di Mario, Roberta Bianconi, Giulia Emmolo, Aleksandra Cotti.

Netherlands scorers: Yasemin Smit 2, Sabrina van der Sloot 2, Amarens Genee, Nomi Stomphorst, Vivian Sevenich, Lieke Klaassen.

Friday, 25 July (men)

Germany (WQF1) vs. Spain (B4) 8-16 (3-5, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4) - SF1
Germany scorers: Heiko Nossek 2, Marko Stamm 2, Erik Bukowski, Timo van der Bosch.

Spain scorers: Albert Español 7, Guillermo Molina 2, Marc Minguell 2, Blai Mallarach 2, Alberto Munarriz, Javier Bustos, Balazs Sziranyi.

France (WQF2) vs. Romania (A4) 8-15 (3-3, 1-3, 1-6, 3-3) - SF2
France scorers: Michaël Bodegas 3, Mehdi Marzouki 2, Remi Saudadier, Romain Blary, Petar Tomasevic.

Romania scorers: Tiberiu Negrean 5, Mihnea Gheorghe 3, Cosmin Radu, Mihnea Chioveanu 2, Nicolae Diaconu, Andrei Cretu, Alexandru Matei.

Russia (LQF1) vs. Georgia (LQF2) 9-8 (2-2, 2-2, 2-1, 3-3) - (11th/12th place)
Russia scorers: Konstantin Stepanyuk 4, Dmitrii Kholod 2, Ivan Suchkov, Artem Odintsov, Ivan Nagaev.

Georgia scorers: Marko Elez 2, Marko Jelaca 2, Damir Tsrepulia, Mikheil Baghaturia, Zurab Rurua, Marino Franicevic.

Italy (WQF3) vs. Hungary (B1) 7-8 (1-3, 3-2, 1-1, 2-2)
- SF3
Italy scorers: Valentino Gallo 2, Francesco di Fulvio, Pietro Figlioli, Alex Giorgetti, Stefano Luongo, Matteo Aicardi.

Hungary scorers: Norbert Hosnyanszky 3, Denes Varga 2, Norbert Madaras, Marton Szivos, Daniel Varga.

Serbia (WQF4) vs. Montenegro (A1) 10-9 (3-5, 1-2, 3-2, 3-0) - SF4
Serbia scorers: Stefan Mitrovic 3, Milos Cuk 2, Filip Filipovic 2, Zivko Gocic, Slobodan Nikic, Milan Aleksic.

Montenegro scorers: Nikola Janovic 3, Darko Brguljan 2, Drasko Brguljan 2, Mladjan Janovic, Aleksandar Ivovic.

N.b.: times mentioned are local time.

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