Sabadell completes dominate season with Spanish title

Sabadell women's team have completed an extremely dominant season both in Spain and in Europe with claiming the Spanish national championship after winning game 2 of the play-offs finals against Mataro 11-7 on Saturday. It meant the best-of-3 series was decided in Sabadell's favour after a 6-10 away win in game 1 three days earlier had the Nani Guiu coached side already leading 1-0. On Saturday though after having grabbed a 4-2 lead at quarter time it was Mataro, with international Roser Tarragó who scored two in the line-up this play-offs, started a comeback in the second term that equalised the game at half time: 6-6. But the final answer was not long to be awaited. Two straight unanswered goals in the third period got Sabadell back in front and this time they were not to give it away. A goal each side in the final session wouldn't change anything to the outcome of the game as celebrations began at the Can Llong pool, home of Sabadell. Centre-forward Maica Garcia was awarded MVP of the finals while team-mate Laura Ester earned Best Goalkeeper honours. The league win for Sabadell was the 12th in team history. It completed a rare feature in which Sabadell won all trophies they could get this season, from the national cup to national championship but also the Super Cup and Euro League title saw Sabadell as victor mentioned on the trophy.

Spanish women's league

Finals (best-of-3)

Game 2

Saturday 24-05:

C.N. Sabadell Astralpool vs. C.N. Mataró La Sirena 11-7 (4-2, 2-4, 2-0, 1-1)
CN Sabadell Astralpool: Laura Ester, Mati Ortiz, Anni Espar1, Noelia Mora, Gabriella Szücs 3, Jennifer Pareja 2, Marina Cordobés, Maica Garcia 1, Pili Peña 2, Melissa Seidemann 2, Olga Doménech, Judit Forca, M. Elena Sánchez. Head coach: Nani Guiu.

CN Mataró La Sirena: Jade Smith, Chloe Wilcox, Carla Graupera, Mar Llisterri, Lisa Gibson 1, Roser Tarragó 2, Clara Cambray, Ciara Gibson 1, Zoila Quesada, Paula Chillida 3, Ona Meseguer, Mireia Neddermann. Head coach: Florín Bonca.

Sabadell wins series 2-0 and becomes Spanish champion.

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