Water Polo Legends: the early days

As we dive into the rich history the sport of water polo has to offer, in cooperation with the Water Polo Legends blog we will highlight great moments and achievements from the past in a weekly post. Today we look back at the early days with some spectaculair shots of water polo being played outside of the regular swimming pools. Starting off with an iconic view of a water polo game in the old harbour of Dubrovnik, Croatia during the 1950s. We will also feature a photo of a match being played in the river Urca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and even further back in time, a match in the Cascais bay in Portugal in 1907!

1930: Match in the river Urca, Rio de Janeiro

Lots of spectators assist a Water Polo match in the river Urca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1930.  

1907: Water Polo match at Cascais bay, Portugal
The sailors of Alcântara play the first Water Polo mact in Portugal, in the bay of Cascais, October 1907.
Source: Photo Archives of the Town Hall of Cascais.

Water Polo legends

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