Water Polo Legends: the 70's

A new feature will be included in Waterpoloworld's website in the new year as we take a look back into the rich history the sport of water polo has to offer. In cooperation with the Water Polo Legends blog we will highlight great moments or achievements from the past in a weekly post. Today we look back at the 1976 Olympic gold medal winning side of Hungary, Italy's team before the 1974 European Championships and the national team of Iran at the 6th Asian Games in 1970.

1976, Montreal: The golden team of Hungary

The team of Hungary gold winner at Montreal 1976 Olympic Games. The team: Edre Molnár, Dr. Istvan Szivós, Tamás Faragó, Dr. Laszlo Sarosi, György Horkai, Gábor Csapó, Attila Sudar, György Kenez, György Gerendas, Dr. Ferenc Konrad and Tibor Cservenyak.
Source: private collection.

1974, Vienna: The national team of Italy
The National team of Italy coached by Gianni Lonzi in Merano, before the European Champions in Vienna in 1974. The players: Mino Marsili, Maurizio Forte, Alberto Alberani, Umberto Panerai, Alessandro Ghibellini, Silvio Baracchini, Sante Marsili, Mario Scotti Galletta, Romeo Collina, Marcello Del Duca, Mamo Fondelli, Gianni de Magistris, Beppe Basevi, Paolo Ragosa and Riccardo de Magistris.

1970, Bangkok: The national team of Iran

The National team of Iran coached by Nicolai Firoiu, that took place at the 6th Asian Games held in Bangkok in 1970.
(1. Japan, 2. India, 3. Indonesia, 4. Iran). Among the players is Khosrow Amini, current FINA TWPC Member (second from R to L),.
Source: courtesy of Nicolai Firoiu.

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