Vasas wins Komjadi Cup

The famous Komjadi pool in Budapest, Hungary this weekend also staged the Komjadi Cup finals. The 21& under men's age group cup tournament gives fans an insight of Hungary's stars of tomorrow. Honvéd took on KSI for the bronze medal while Vasas and Eger, just like in the senior national league last Friday, faced off; this time for the gold medal.

Bronze medal match – Honved vs KSI

First half (8-2)

The Honved youngsters proved to be much too strong for KSI in the first period. With several players such as Bendeguz Toth and Zsolt Simon, who were still on fire from yesterday’s senior game against PVSK, in the pool. They took a big 6-0 lead right away. This effort did claim its price in the second part of the game though and KSI managed to keep this period’s score levelled at 2-2. Primarily thanks to the very well playing Mark Marnitz (4 goals).

Second half (8-6)

KSI went flying from the start with an immediate 2-goal streak including a great backhand center goal. This closed the gap to 4 goals and gave KSI some perspective. The game developed into an even battle where KSI was giving Honved much more of a game than the first period would have made you expect. The advantage of several OB1 players on the team, finally gave Honved the edge in the final quarter of the game. Honved top scorer Zsolt Simon (4 goals) made the difference with 2 great center plays as his team secured 3rd place.

RacioNet-Honvéd vs. KSI SE 16-7 (6-0, 2-2, 4-4, 4-1)
Honvéd: György D. – Csacsovszky E. 1, Boros 2, Hochstein, Cséplő 2, Simon 4, Tóth B. 2,  Csellár, Tóth-Korsós 2, Tamás, Illés, Kiss B. 1, Csapó B. 2, Bozsic. Head coach: Tóth Imre.

KSI: Kardos – Miklós 1, Fejős 1, Kovács Gergő, Marnitz M. 4, Márkus, Kalanovics, Krémer, Szedmák, Haraszin, Kerschbaum, Hangody A. 1. Head coach: Keszthelyi Tibor.

Gold medal match – Vasas vs Eger

With Friday night fresh in our memory, Eger and Vasas encountered each other yet again at Komjadi. Today’s contest might be much less anticipated, but when there are trophies to play for every game counts. Especially with OB1 players Balint Lorinz, Gergö Zalanki and Krisztian Bedö on Eger side, and Tamas Sedlmayer, Daniel Angyal and Tibor Fazekas in the pool for Vasas. One difference compared to last Friday though, this game had to produce a winner.

First half (5-3)

The first center play to international Krisztian Bedö immediately caused problems for the Vasas defence. Only a foul could prevent him from scoring which resulted in a penalty. The chance was taken carelessly though by Balint Lorinz as his attempt missed the goal entirely. Eger then tried to force the first goal but kept finding Vasas-goalie Viktor Bendes on their way. Saving shot after shot, he allowed his offensive colleagues to build a 2-goal lead after two quick breakaways, before Gergö Zalanki could finally open Eger’s account. Eger kept their dominance on offence but got denied by Viktor Bendes time after time.

Second half (3-3)

On 5-4 score, after Gergo Zalanki had minimized the gap right after half time, Kirill Rustamov got the ultimate chance from another Eger penalty, to come aside. This time the shot was on target, but Viktor Bendes showed his potential by forcing the ball out. Strengthened by their goalie's performance, Vasas offence responded with a quick 2-goal streak that took them up by 4 with only one period remaining. Vasas then focused on defence as Eger came charging in looking to pull off a late dramatic comeback. The revival of Eger came too late though. Entirely according to today’s script, the game finished with a great last second save of Viktor Bendes to keep the score at 8-6.

Lactiv-Vasas-Plaket – ZF-Eger 8-6 (3-1, 2-2, 3-1, 0-2)

Vasas: Bendes – Csapó M., Fazekas 1, Angyal 2, Sedlmayer 2, Manhercz Á. 1, Várnai 1, Hill, Burián, Manhercz K. 1, György V. Head coach: Földi László.

Eger: Bóta – Bedő, Hornyák 1, Halmos, Lőrincz 1, Tóth M., Kirill Rustamov, Szalai, Horváth Zs., Antal, Kovács Z., Zalánki 3, Józsa, Szívós. Head coach: Tóth Kálmán.

Text: Kevin Vernooij.

Pictured: Vasas-goalie Viktor Bendes was elected tournament's Best Goalkeeper.

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