Serbia misses 2014 FINA World Cup

The all-European semi-final clashes at the 2013 FINA World Championships here in Barcelona, Spain have also been creating the participants in the 2014 Men's FINA World Cup to be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan before tonight's semi-final matches. Since a reform of the competition system in 2010 the top three from the previous FINA World Championships and five more continental representatives are receiving the spots for the eight-nation-tournament.

As the top four is coming for Europe in any case, the fourth-ranked team of the Barcelona World Championships will receive the berth of the contintenal representative for Europe. This means that Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Montenegro as newcomer will qualify in any case. The other qualified teams are Australia (Oceania) USA (Americas), Kazkahstan (hosting nation and Asia) and South Africa (Africa) as continental representatives.
The results of the previous days are creating the remarkable fact that the reigning title-holders from Serbia, winners of the 2006 and 2010 FINA World Cup editions, are not qualified for the upcoming eight-nation-tournament in Almaty due to their loss in the quarterfinals to Montenegro. After the defeat in today's ranking semifinal there is also no visible chance any more to replace one the qualified teams in case of a decline.
Serbia's double knock-out here in Barcelona brings another striking fact in back in mind. From the very beginnings of this competition in 1979 until 2006 the top eight of the previous major event had still qualified for the respective FINA World Cup. So not only the playing mode but also the idea of this competition has changed in the meantime dramatically.

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