2013 Mediterranean Games set to start

After the FINA World League another occasion for the men to build up towards the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, Spain this summer, is set to start in Mersin, Turkey. The Mediterranean Games, held every four years since 1951 and thus now arrived at its seventeenth edition, are well represented in the water polo tournament as multiple top nations will use the Games as another marking point in their preparation towards Barcelona, only thirty days away. For fellow competitors France and hosts Turkey the strong lineup allows them to face serious opposition in their run towards qualification for the 2014 European Championships, to be held in Budapest, Hungary next summer. A three-team group A features reigning Olympic champs Croatia, Spain and the home side while group B consists of a young Serbian squad joined by Italy, Greece and France.

XVIIth Mediterranean Games
June 20-30
Mersin, Turkey

Water Polo tournament

Group A

- Croatia
- Spain
- Turkey

Group B

- Serbia
- Italy
- Greece
- France


Wednesday, June 19

16.30: Greece vs. Serbia
18.00: Italy vs. France
19.30: Croatia vs. Spain

Friday, June 21

16.30: Greece vs. France
18.00: Serbia vs. Italy
19.30: Turkey vs. Spain

Saturday, June 22

16.30: Greece vs. Italy
18.00: France vs. Serbia
19.30: Turkey vs. Croatia

Sunday, June 23

16.30: 3B vs. 4A - 10
18.00: 1A vs. 2B - 11
19.30: 1B vs. 2A - 12

Tuesday, June 25

5th-6th place

16.30: W10 vs. 3A

3rd-4th place
18.00: L11 vs. L12

1st-2nd place
19.30: W11 vs. W12

N.b.: times mentioned are local time

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