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St. Vincent's and Half Moon 2013 Irish Cup winners

The 2013 Irish Cup tournament was contested over the weekend in the city of Limerick at the local University pool. An international lineup of referees were present to officiate as St. Vincent's women and the men's squad of Half Moon celebrated the Cup win in convincing fashion on Saturday. St. Vincent's defeated Cathal Brugha 5-9 in the final while Half Moon edged Guinness 14-7. The top referees in action were Slovenian Boris Margeta, Mladen Rak from Croatia, Israeli Matan Schwarts and Rik Rykeart from Belgium together with Stephen O'Brien, Conor Sheridan and Denver Kirk from Ireland.

Irish Cup 2013
Limerick, Ireland

Saturday April 20



Glenalbyn vs. Cathal Brugha 5-8
St. Vincent's vs. Dongegall Diamonds 16-5


Cathal Brugha vs. St. Vincent's 5-9



Half Moon vs. North Dublin 8-5
Cathal Brugha vs. Guiness 10-11 (after Extra Time, 8-8 after regulation)


Half Moon vs. Guinness 14-7

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