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Imperia ladies take European Super Cup

The All-Italian clash for the 2012 Women’s European Super Cup was won by the reigning LEN Trophy champion for the second time in a row. In tonight’s clash at Imperia, Italy the local heroes of RN Mediterranea Imperia took a real run-away victory, when the team from the French border beat Rapallo Nuoto as successor of Champions Cup winner Pro Recco 10-7 (4-1, 3-1, 2-2, 1-3).

In first drafts, the LEN had still announced the dissolved team of Pro Recco as competitor, but the squad had moved back to their former club Rapallo Nuoto and is still playing highly successful in the Serie A1. Tonight the players of the guest team finally entered the pool under the name of Rapallo Nuoto indeed.
Rapallo is currently leading the Italian league, but in tonight’s match Imperia took command of the game from the very beginning. The local heroes were leading 4-1 after the opening period and even 7-2 at halftime. Rapallo could not enforce a real comeback after the changing of sides despite the 3-1 success in the final quarter. Imperia’s two-time Olympian Elisa Casanova led the scorers list of the match, netting three balls in total.
Women's LEN Super Cup 2012 at Imperia, Italy
RN Mediterranea Imperia (ITA) vs. Rapallo Nuoto (ITA) 10-7 (4-1, 3-1, 2-2, 1-3)

Imperia: Giulia Gorlero - Ralat 1, Borriello, Gloria Gorlero, Stieber, Emmolo 2, Carrega, Russo, Risivi 1, Bencardino 1, Drocco, Pomeri 2/1, Casanova 3.
Head coach: Capanna.

Rapallo: Stasi - Gragnolati 2, Zerbone, Kisteleki 2/1, Queirolo 1, Bertora, Bonino, S. Criscuolo 1, C. Criscuolo, Rambaldi, Cotti 1, Frassinetti, Isola.
Head coach: Sinatra.

Referees: Koganov (AZE)/Levin (ISR).
LEN delegate: Lonzi (ITA)
Man-up: Imperia 1/5 + 1/1, Recco 2/6 + 1/2

Spectators: 800
Imperia wins LEN Super Cup for the first time.

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