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Slovakian sweep in Hamburg

Slovakia’s U19 juniors achieved a clear sweep at the first edition of the Hamburg Cup. The players from Eastern won all three matches of the four-nation-tournament which was held in Hamburg, Germany and stressed their ambitions for a top eight ranking in this year’s U19 European Championships to be held 2-9 September at Canet-en-Roussillon, France. Slovakia’s Tomas Kostelnik netted eleven balls to take the scorers crown

The matches were held at the lovely outdoor-pool of the local swimming club SV Poseidon Hamburg which already host last year’s European Masters Championships. The Slovaks had a pretty easy weekend and even downed second-ranked Germany by three goals, 9-6. The local heroes gained an 8-6 victory against Australia in the head-to-head duel for the second place on the final day. Australia’s Gabriel Addley was finally awarded best goalkeeper.
The local organisers of the Hamburg Swimming Federation announced that there will be revivals of this event in the following years. Right at the moment a new indoor-pool is built in the South of the city to be opened in 2013. This venue is especially created for the demands of waterpolo, including a 35-metres and a 25-metres pool. Most of the indoor actions in local waterpolo shall take place in this new pool, and the Hamburg Cup is to promote top-class waterpolo in the city.
Another tournament for age group 1993 will start this morning in Novaky, Slovakia where teams from four nations will battle for the Slovakia Cup. Here the Slovaks will welcome their latest hosts from Germany, France as Europe’s recent number five in this age group and 13th-ranked Netherlands. In contrast to the Hamburg Cup there will be additional semi-finals and medal matches in Novaky to have some more practice on the way to Canet.
Hamburg Cup – Men’s U19 Four-Nation-Tourmanent at Hamburg, Germany (1993)
Friday, 10 August 2012
17:00 Australia vs. Slovakia 8-12
18:45 Germany vs. Turkey 18-8
Saturday, 11 August 2012
16:00 Turkey vs. Australia 8-9
17:45 Germany vs. Slovakia 6-9
Sunday, 12 August 2012
10:00 Turkey vs. Slovakia 7-14
11:45 Germany vs. Australia 8-6
Final standings: Slovakia 6, Germany 4, Australia 2, Turkey 0.
Top scorer: Tomas Kostelnik (SVK) – 11 goals
Goalkeeper: Gabriel Addley (AUS)
Slovakia Cup – Men’s U19 Tournnament at Novaky, Slovakia (1993)
Friday, 17 August 2012
09:00 Netherlands vs. France
10:30 Slovaka vs. Germany
18:30 France vs. Germany
19:45 Opening ceremony
20:30 Slovakia vs. Netherlands

Saturday, 18 August 2012
09:00 Netherlands vs. Germany
10:30 Slovakia vs. France
18:30 Semi-final 1 (2 vs. 4)
20:00 Semi-final 2 (1 vs. 3)
Sunday, 19 August 2012
09:30 Bronze medal match
11:00 Gold medal match
12:30 Closing ceremony

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