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European Super League comes closer

Unhappy with the current format and incomes of the Men's European club competitions, some of the top teams in Europe decided that things had to change. On Sunday March 18, the Super League was founded in Rijeka, Croatia. Although not 100 per cent sure of starting next season already, representatives of fourteen teams signed a letter with conditions and met again in Debrecen, Hungary on the ocassion of the European Swimming Championships last week and confirmed their desire of a new to form international competition, hoping to replace the Champions League and/or LEN Euro Cup in which the involved teams would not participate, if the league gets off to a start. The participants line-up is impressive. From Croatia Mladost Zagreb, Jug Dubrovnik and Primorje Rijeka signed in, Serbia's top-three Partizan, Red Star and Vojvodina will join, from Hungary Vasas, Szeged and Eger will play, Montenegro has Jadran Herceg Novi, Budva and Primorac Kotor involved with the list being completed by powerhouses and reigning Champions League title holder Pro Recco from Italy and seven consecutive Spanish national champion Barceloneta.

All done with the believe to create a more commercial interesting, profitable and higher-rated format for a top European league. The next meeting between all teams is scheduled for June 15 in Zagreb, Croatia when a format and planning will be discussed and designed. Meanwhile, rumors keep going if the league will start next season already. Critical date will be July 15. This is the final day that teams can registrate to participate in the LEN European club competitions for the season 2012-2013.

To be continued.

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