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Savona wins second consecutive Euro Cup

Rari Nantes Savona succesfully defended their LEN Euro Cup title in 2012. On Thursday in this year's finals, the second game was lost to Spanish contender C.N. Sabadell 8-6, but with a five-goal advantage from game 1 (Savona won 14-9 at home), it was not enough for head coach Gabriel Hernandez and his squad as Savona took their second straight Euro Cup victory. Sababell, playing with the returned veteran centre-forward Iván Perez, who sat game 1 out with an injury, took a 6-2 lead in the third quarter as the Can Llong pool in Sabadell had hopes that a remarkable comeback was in the making. Two goals by Montenegrin shooter Mladjan Janovic quickly mades those hopes dissapear though. Savona even came back to 6-5 through a Luca Damonte goal before again Janovic missed a penalty shot. The only goal of the evening from Montenegrin centre-back Antonio Petrovic then took the game to its 8-6 final score. Italian high-scorer Valerio Rizzo, who scored no less than seven goals in game 1, was held to scoring just once on Thursday. This year's title is the third in team history as Savona claimed the victory in the 04-05 season for the first time.

LEN Euro Cup 2011-2012

Finals - Game 2


C.N. Sabadell (ESP) vs. R.N. Savona (ITA) 8-6 (3-2, 0-0, 3-1, 2-3)
Leg 1: 9-14

C.N. Sabadell: Aguilar, Nastran, Carrillo, Carabì, Marsal 2, Sanchez, Cuk 3, Echenique 2, Perez, Moreno, Millan, Soler 1, Motos.

R.N. Savona: Volarevic, Alesiani, Damonte 1, Petrovic 1, Bianco L., Rizzo 1, Janovic 3, Angelini, Bianco G., Mistrangelo, Aicardi, Fiorentini G., Zerilli.

Pictured: Savona's Mladjan Janovic was an offensive force again scoring two important goals in the little comeback from the Italian side

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