Oradea to host Champions League Final Four

After long weeks of dicussions in the background the hosting city of the 2012 LEN Final Four is known right now. The city of Oradea, Romania will organize the most prestigious event for waterpolo clubs for the first time in history. The city next to the Hungarian border has gained some reputation in recent time as hosting city of international waterpolo events. The matches will be held at the marvellous Ioan Alexandrescu indoor-pool which already hosted the 2008 FINA Men’s Olympic Games Qualification Tournament and the 2010 FINA Men’s World Cup. The tournament is scheduled for 11-12 May.

The latest LEN edition will continue a series of neutral organisers. Since the 2006 edition in Dubrovnik, Croatia all Final Four competitions were held in cities without locals heros in action. The two previous editions took place in Rome, Italy and Naples, Italy. The 2009 event was held at the new pool in Rijeka, Croatia which was reported to be one of the candidates for the upcoming finals as well.


Pictured: Guillermo Molina, Pro Recco - Photo: Henk Swinkels

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