Extra European berth for Edmonton

On Thursday, the World Swimming Federation FINA informed the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) that the released spot for the Men's Olympic Qualification Tournament in Edmonton, Canada (1-8 April) by the continent of Africa, can be filled by an European representative which automatically means the number ten of the recent 2012 European Championships will have the opportunity to travel to Edmonton. As the KNZB announced the Dutch men's squad will participate, the hosts in Eindhoven, who finished on tenth place, will join the already known field of teams which will battle for the final four 2012 Olympic Games berths. The draw for both the Men's and Women's Olymic Qualifying Tournaments will be held on 19 February in London, Great Britain.

The five initial spots for 'Edmonton' that were available for European representatives at the European Championships in Eindhoven were already taken by:

- Montenegro
- Germany
- Greece
- Spain
- Romania.

In the first week of April, twelve teams will battle for just four remaining spots at the 2012 Olympics in London.

More information about the Men's Olympic qualifiers is available on the tournament website:

The teams already qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games are:

- Serbia (as 2011 FINA World League winner)
- Italy (2011 FINA World Championships)
- Hungary (2011 FINA World Championships)
- Croatia (2011 FINA World Championships)

- Great Britain (as host nation)

- Australia (continent of Oceania representative)
- Kazakhstan (continent of Asia representative)
- USA (continent of America representative)

Photographer: Henk Swinkels

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