Russia beats Great Britian for first win

The two pointless sides in group A of the 2012 Men's FINA World League faced each other on Wednesday in Kirishi, Russia. The home team came out victorius beating the 2012 Olympics' host 12-8 for their first points after both teams lost to Italy in their respective first matches. Next up for the Russians is the home meeting with 2011 World League's vice-champion Italy, to be played on February 21 in Kirishi as well. The Britains will travel to Italy the next round (day 5), scheduled for March 6.

Men's FINA World League 2012

Day 3


Russia vs. Great Britain 12-8

Goals Russia: Ivan Nagaev 3, Nikolay Lazarev 2, Alex Ryzhov-Alenichev 2, Nikiti Yankov, Mikhail Ivankov, Victor Vishnyakov, Sergey Lisunov, Roman Shepelev.

Goals Great Britain: Craig Figes 3, Alex Parsonage 2, Robert Parker 2, Josep O'Regan.

Group A table:

1. Italy 2 - 6 pts
2. Russia 2 - 3 pts
3. Great Britain 2 - 0 pts

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