Cup winners clash in Champions Cup prelims

The upcoming edition of the Women´s European Champions Cup will be held without Dutch teams for the first time in history. Furthermore, there will be two pretty huge Preliminary Round tournaments in Belgrade, Serbia and Nancy, France. According to yesterday´s draws which were held at Acireale, Italy there will be a kind of Supercup clash as Champions Cup winner CN Sabadell, Spain and Rapallo Nuoto, Italy will face each in the Nancy prelims. The tournaments are held 3-7 November 2011; the top four of each group advance to the quarter-finals.

Women´s European Champions Cup 2011
Preliminary Round draws
Group A at Belgrade, Serbia
Orizzonte Catania (ITA)
Vouliagmeni NC (GRE)
Shturm 2002 Chekhov (RUS)
Blau-Weiß Bochum (GER)
Olympic Nizza (FRA)
City of Liverpool (GBR)
Tas 2000 Belgrade (SRB)
Group B at Nancy, France
CN Sabadell (ESP)
Kinef Kirishi (RUS)
Rapallo Nuoto (ITA)
Bayer Uerdingen (GER)
City of Manchester (GBR)
The top four of each group advance to the quarter-finals.

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