Serbia not to defend World League crown

In a busy Olympic year with the European Championships in January as well, the FINA World League will continue in this year’s edition with nine teams. The preliminary round matches will be played on a home and away basis again. Montenegro will be absent for the first time since the independence of the country in 2006. The reigning champion Serbia will be missing as well not to defend their title after defeating Italy in last year’s final 8-7 in Florence, Italy.

FINA Men´s World League 2012
Preliminary Round – European Groups

Group A: Italy, Russia, Great Britain
Group B: Croatia, Germany, Macedonia
Group C: Spain, Romania, Greece


15-11: Russia - Italy (A), Croatia - Germany (B), Spain - Greece (C)

6-12: Great Britain - Italy (A), Macedonia - Germany (B), Romania - Spain (C)

7-1: Russia - Great Britain (A), Macedonia - Croatia (B), Greece - Spain (C)

21-2: Russia - Italy (A), Germany - Croatia (B), Greece - Romania (C)

6-3: Italy - Great Britain (A), Croatia - Macedonia (B), Spain - Romania (C)

20-3: Great Britain - Russia (A), Germany - Macedonia (B), Romania  - Greece (C)

Super Final
12-17 June 2012

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