Group A
SERBIA-MONTENEGRO 7-4 (2-0,2-2,2-1,1-1)
Serbia: B. Mitrovic, D. Lazic, V. Rasovic, Randjelovic, Mi. Cuk 2, D. Pijetlovic, Ubovic, Aleksic 3, Jaksic, F. Filipovic 1, Prlainovic, S. Mitrovic 1, G. Pijetlovic. Coach Savic
Montenegro: Lazovic, Dr. Brguljan 1, B. Banicevic, M. Petkovic 1, A. Radovic, Draskovic 1, Ukropina, A. Ivovic 1, Spaic, Popadic, Saric, Kandic. Coach Gojkovic

Referees: Vlasic (Cro) and Kun (Hun)
Notes: Serbia 3/8, Montenegro 2/6

In front of the public heat of Nis, Serbia makes its derby with Montenegro, to which it is not enough to return after a year of absence from the national team of Leka Ivovic. Immediately 3-0 ahead despite Lazovic's excellent parades, the Dolphins suffered in the second quarter a partial comeback caused by the goals of Ivovic and Draskovic. In the third quarter, a one-two by Aleksic - top scorer with 3 goals - put Serbia back on a safe distance (5-2): Montenegro (without Darko Brguljan) was no longer able to close the gap. Savic's team, who had to give up Mandic before the race because of the inflammation of the ears, runs away at 6 points.

CLASSIFICATION: Serbia 6 (2 bets), Montenegro 0 (1), Romania 0 (1).

Group B
GERMANY-RUSSIA 11-12 (1-3,2-2,3-2,2-2,2-1;3-4 after penalties)
Germany: Schenkel, Strelezkij 2, Van der Bosch, Real 2, Preuss, Jüngling 1, Illinger, Reibel, M. Stamm 2, Mat. Cuk, Restovic, Eidner 1, Götz. Coach H. Stamm-Brinkmann

Referees: Stanojevic (Srb) and Gomez (Esp)

In Dresden, in its season's World League debut match, Germany manages to block Russia's top-priced tie in Dresden but then surrenders to penalty shots. The formation of Evstgineev leads the race thanks to the 3-1 start. Then begins the comeback of the Germans, completed in 8-8 after 4 periods. From 5 meters, however, Russia won. 

CLASSIFICATION: Croatia 3 (1), Russia 2 (2), Germany 1 (1).

Group C
HOLLAND-HUNGARY 6-13 (2-2,2-3,1-5,1-3)
Holland: Veenhuis, Winkelhorst, Van den Burg 1, Reuten, Lindhout, Gottemaker 2, Van Ijperen, Muller, B. Hoepelman, Koopman 2, Lucas 1, R. Hoepelman. Coach: Van Galen
Hungary: V. Nagy, Vamos 3, Salamon, Mezei 1, D. Jansik 1, Erdelyi 3, K. Manhercz 1, Angyal 1, Bedo 1, S. Jansik, G. Kovács 1, Zalanki 1, S. Vogel. Coach Marcz

Referees: Brosovski (Rou) and Rakovic (Srb)

On its first official release after the Budapest World Cup, Hungary outperforms the Netherlands by 13-6 in Alphen aan den Rijn, reaching Spain at 3 points in group C. For the first two quarters, the Orange keep up with Marcz's team - which has a different formation for 7/13 compared to Budapest and without Denes Varga, Harai and Hosnyanszky. Then in the third period Erdelyi (among the best), Zalanki and Bedo put Hungary to 8-4. The third period ended in 5-10.

CLASSIFICATION: Hungary 3 (1), Spain 3 (1), Netherlands 0 (2).

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