E.ON Férfi OB 1

SZOLNOK DOES IT AGAIN! - 3rd championship in a row

Szolnok has become Champion of the Hungarian domestic league for the 3rd time in a row, after defeating ZF Eger in their home pool, in a decisive way showcasing well-executed team defense paired with ruthless finishing at the offensive end.

Hungarian E.ON Férfi OB I - Mid Season Upper & Lower House Play

Mid Season Play - Round 4 Upper House Teams:                                                    Lower House Teams: OSC                                                                                         DVSE Debrecen Szolnok                                     ...

Hungarian Férfi OB I: Final Group Standings

Mid-Season Upper House and Lower House Play Here are the Results of Regular Season group matches along with earlier rounds as well as the final standings within Group A and B. The top four teams of each group are moving on to the Upper House, while the bottom four teams of the groups will co...
Eger secure super final spot in comfortable victory over rival OSC
Rigorous match schedule sees Szolnok and Eger take distance
Szolnok complete perfect run
Calm before the storm as regular season climax approaches
OSC settle the score with Debrecen
No surprises going into final 4 weeks of regular season
Honvéd pushes to the top against frustrated OSC
Close wins in group B keep Honvéd, OSC on top
Eger overcomes first-leg loss to beat FTC
Szolnok firmly takes control in group A