Champions League

Tribunes extended higher than ever for Final Six

The Champions League Final Six draw has resulted in huge interest in tickets and the organisers have erected tribune extensions wherever possible, meaning that there will be a great atmosphere at the 50m pool of the Hajós Alfréd Swimming Stadium as the six top club sides in European water polo, Ege...

Szolnok hold off Jug, Barceloneta-Eger tied

Just two more rounds are to be played and five teams have secured their spot at the Final Six tournament: Olympiacos, Pro Recco, Szolnok and Jug join hosts ZF-Eger. In group A Barceloneta and Primorje are the teams battling for the final place for 'Budapest 2016'. After round 8, played on Saturday,...

Late Gogov goal ties Partizan, Galatasaray

Both teams had their shot for the win but finished tied in the end. For Galatasaray it meant the first point of the Champions League campaign. But they probably hoped for more after Mladjan Janovic had scored the 9-8 goal vs. Partizan with just under a minute to play in Istanbul on Wednesday. The a...
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