Champions League

Pro Recco dominate in Eger

One of the top match-ups on day 2 of the Champions League turned out to be a display of dominance by Pro Recco who confirmed their title-contending status in this year's Champions League by holding ambitious Hungarian champions ZF-Eger to scoring just 4 goals in a 4-12 victory in Hungary on Wednesd...

Mouthwatering clashes on day 2 of Champions League

Considering the situation and teams involved, all matches in group A this preliminary phase will be followed with even greater interest but day 2 of action in the Champions League this Wednesday, and Thursday, promise some mouthwatering clashes as well. The only side who managed to win on day 1, Pr...

Szolnok holds on to beat Primorje

Szolnok finished on top in an absolute cracker and match of the day edging rivals Primorje 13-12 at home in Hungary. As tense as the game finished, the commanding was the lead for Szolnok at the half (6-3) after a superior showing in the opening two quarters. Home fans anticipated a clear win but w...


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