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Matteo Aicardi: ''Quarter-final loss was classical bad day''

Italy will play for 5th place at the 2016 European Championships. After a strong start Croatia were defeated 8-6 on Thursday in the classification semifinals. When watching the Alessandro Campagna coached side on a dominanting performance in the first period, thoughts went back to the quarterfinal loss (7-10) to Montenegro, on Tuesday. For centre-forward Matteo Aicardi it was just an off-day: ''To me this was a classical bad day. Everything went wrong for us, and everything went well for them. It happens in sport but I hope it will not happen us again'', Aicardi reflected after Thursday's win over Croatia.

Now the Italians will have to play the global Olympic qualification tournament (April 3-10) but in front of the home crowd as the city of Trieste will host the tournament. Knowing that, how much of a dissapointment makes that the quarter-final loss? ''It was a huge dissapointment. We hope to play much better than this in Trieste and get this 'damn' qualification place, haha. Anyway we are really happy that the tournament will be held in Trieste. We will be prepared and ready in April!''

On Saturday Italy face Spain in the match for 5th place.

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