Italy, Spain, Russia into quarterfinals - Kazan 2015 day 5

The Italian women are the first to have qualified for the 2015 World Championships quarterfinals following a 6-15 win over Brazil in the final round of group play on Thursday in Kazan. Their big 10-9 win over USA in game 2 had the Fabio Conti coached side in the driver's seat for a quarterfinals be...

Greece turnaround stuns USA - Kazan 2015 day 4

It was a great start of the day. A match that had everything, from great goals to illegal time-outs, debatable calls, drama, and ultimately a turnaround by Greece that got them a valuable 11-10 win over USA. A result widely celebrate by the entire Greek team. And not for no reason. Within the final...

Netherlands, Italy, Russia gain big wins - Kazan 2015 day 3

The opening match of day 3 of the 2015 World Championships delivered a thriller straight away. A big match-up in group B it was the Netherlands who got the important win as they edged Greece 10-9. Thanks to heroics of back-up goalie Laura Aarts, who stopped a late penalty by Christina Tsoukala and ...
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